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Here's where you get to step behind the scenes of Footprints. Let us know what you think about the series, learn little-known facts, or look at some other sites that have inspired the FP producers -- this is the place for it all!


Message Forum - Our forum is always open for conversation. It's a prime location for meeting other fans, as well as for leaving thoughts on the latest episodes. In addition, polls are often available so that you can weigh in on what you'd like to see happen next. The forum is also the home of occasional feature articles offering commentary on the story, sneak previews, and special behind-the-scenes info.

Twitter - FP now has a Twitter account. We're @footprints_soap. Follow us now for easy updates and special insider info!

Mailing List - Since FP doesn't air at a regularly scheduled time, we've made it easy for you to find out when a new installment is posted. Follow the link to Yahoo!Groups to sign up for our mailing list. Not only will you receive an e-mail when the site is updated, but you can also join in on discussions with the producer and fellow readers -- and it's spam-free, guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions - Do you have a question about the series or the site? Check out this document to see if you can find the answer.


How Far We've Come - A tenth-anniversary reflection on the evolution of Footprints and how Episode #464 takes us back to the very first episode.

Trivia - Little-known factoids and secrets about Footprints are gathered here.

Top Ten Gamechangers - Posted on the occasion of FP's tenth anniversary, this feature names the moments that changed Footprints history forever. Special bonus: the duds that we wish we could take back!

The Road Not Taken - A fifth-anniversary reflection on the stories that were never planned to happen and the stories that never got to see the light of day.

The Many Faces of Footprints - Here's a chance to look back on all the past designs that FP has experienced, courtesy of screen caps of every past design and producer commentary on each.

Promo Gallery - Look back on advertising banners and teasers from years past

Sins of the Fathers - A recap of the James Robbins/Nick Moriani/Loretta Ragan saga--a tale that has spanned Footprints' entire run to date.




Some other sites you might enjoy:

The Blackthornes
The Blackthornes
This glitzy romp of a soap is set in the heart of the entertainment industry: Hollywood. The powerful Blackthorne family proves adept at getting themselves into trouble, but less so at extracting themselves.

About Schuyler Falls
"Skyfalls," as this series is known, deserves all the awards and praise that it receives. A bit darker than FP, ASF maintains a fascinating psychological focus. It was an early pioneer of the genre and remains in top form at all times.

A new series from the creator of the long-running Guasti Cose, revolving around the wealthy Holden family, owners of Babylon Vineyards.

The picturesque Highwind Resort, in the ski community of St. Laurent, serves as the backdrop for this sometimes-campy serial. Producer Tom King has also been of great help with FP in the past!

Strangers & Neighbors
A naive young man moves into an apartment building in New York City, where he discovers a crew of fascinating neighbors, a great deal about himself, and... a tragic murder.

Autumn Lake
Autumn Lake
Though no longer updated, this classic soap remains a favorite of FP's producer and has been an enormous inspiration throughout the production of Footprints.

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