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What is this? Is it a real television series?
is an entirely web-based serial. It began publishing on the web in October 1997 and has been doing so ever since. Though it is modeled on US television's daytime dramas, FP is not associated with any broadcast network or affiliated party. It is only available at this site, and it only exists in a text format.

How often are episodes published?
There is no hard and fast publishing schedule. Typically, one episode is published per week, though there might be weeks in which multiple episodes are posted, and there might be longer periods between episodes. Your best bets for staying on top of updates are to check the site frequently or to sign up for our Yahoo!-based mailing list.

What if I didn't start reading at the beginning? Can I still read old episodes?
Our entire run of previous episodes is archived on the site, so you can access any episode at any time. Please be aware that the site has had many incarnations, and while we've done our best to standardize the episode formats, there might be some inconsistencies. If for some reason you are unable to access a particular episode, let us know and we'll be glad to get it to you ASAP.

Will it be hard for me to get caught up on the story?
It shouldn't be! We've tried to make it as easy as possible for readers to jump into the current episodes. Check out the story recap for year-by-year synopses of the story, or try your hand at reading the most recent installments via the Archives. The character biographies are linked within the episodes, so you'll be able to click on characters' names if you're confused about who they are or what they've been up to.

Who are the people in the pictures?
To create a more complete experience for readers (and because it's fun!), we have "cast" actual actors as the characters. Many of them are soap opera actors, though others are known for their work in prime-time television and/or feature films. These images are used solely for entertainment purposes, and they are by no means intended to imply consent or involvement on the part of any of the pictured individuals.

Is King's Bay a real place?
No, King's Bay is a fictional town. It is loosely modeled after Seattle and its suburbs, and in the story, it is located just a few hours' drive from Seattle. From time to time, real locations (such as Seattle-Tacoma International Airport) might be mentioned or used as a backdrop for the story.

When is this story going to end?
Never? Good question, but a difficult one to answer! There is no planned ending to Footprints--it will go on for as long as it's feasible for the producers to keep it going.

I'm having a problem with the site. What do I do?
Oops! If you find something wrong anywhere in the site--a broken link, an image that isn't working, anything at all--please let us know! You'd be doing us an enormous favor, and we'd really appreciate it. You can post about it in the Forum.

How do I post in the Forum?
All you have to do is sign up for a free account with web entertainment site that so graciously hosts our Forum.


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