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Episodes #1 - 9

Restaurant owner Bill Fisher and his wife, Paula, were coping with the fact that their four children had grown up and moved on to lives of their own. Their eldest son, Tim, was returning to King's Bay after a trip to Chicago with his pregnant wife, Claire. Tim was considering a job offer and relocation but could not understand Claire's aversion to Chicago.

After being spooked by a message on the answering machine from her father, James Robbins, Claire opened up to Tim. She explained that as a teen, she had uncovered proof of her father's involvement with the mob, but had never confronted him. She had also been involved with Ryan Moriani, the son of one of James's associates, but the relationship came to a horrifying end when Ryan raped her during a summer in Chicago. Tim supported his wife and agreed not to take the job in Chicago.

Claire Fisher

Claire Robbins was seeking stability in her marriage to good-hearted Tim Fisher, but her mobster father and her complicated past didn't make it easy.


James, however, still believed that Tim was forcing his daughter to do something she did not want to do, though James did not know what was haunting Claire. One of his thugs confronted Tim and, in the heat of the moment, Tim was shot. He lingered in a coma for weeks before awakening with amnesia. Claire was heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Tim's sister Molly received some disturbing gifts -- black roses, a dead bird -- and realized that she was being stalked. She tried to distract herself by focusing on her new job at the Charlene Powers Agency, an important player in the fashion world, and soon she was swept up into a romance with coworker Craig Simmons.

Molly's younger sister, Sarah, started work on the police force and was drawn to her commander, Brent Taylor. They began dating. Brent helped Sarah investigate Molly's stalking. One night, Brent offered to let Molly stay at his place for protection until Sarah got off work. The two were drawn together in a kiss, which Sarah secretly witnessed. Wildly jealous of her sister, Sarah talked Brent into eloping that night.

The youngest Fisher, Jason, was having troubles of his own. The college student was also training as a pairs figure skater, but his partner, childhood best friend Courtney Chase, suffered serious injuries during an accident on the ice and was forced to take several months off for rehabilitation. Jason decided to partner with another skater, Shannon Parish, for the upcoming season.

Unfortunately, Shannon was quite unbalanced. The first time they met, she threatened Courtney not to attempt a reconciliation with Jason -- on or off the ice. Shannon had hit on a sensitive spot, since Courtney had developed deep feelings for her best friend. But Shannon felt the same way about him and was determined to make him hers.

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Total Episodes: 9

Notable Events:

Sarah Fisher and Brent Taylor