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Episodes #10 - 48

During this time, Tim's boss at Vision Publishing, Diane Bishop, seized the opportunity to act upon her obsessive feelings for him. She visited him in the hospital and introduced herself as his wife, and the two made love. When Tim recovered his memory, he had no recollection of his amnesiac period. He and Claire happily reunited -- but when she gave birth to a son, Travis, James swiped his grandson and whisked him away to a hideout in a South American jungle!

Diane Bishop

Outwardly, Diane Bishop was a successful, take-no-prisoners businesswoman. Little did anyone realize how far her business acumen extended into her personal life... until she set her sights on Tim Fisher and executed a plan to destroy his marriage.


Tim and Claire followed, thanks to an anonymous tip (sent by Diane, who had been suspicious of James). They were caught and imprisoned in the compound but finally managed to contact Sarah and Brent, who ventured down to the jungle and rescued Tim, Claire, and Travis. In a final showdown, Claire was forced to push James to his death to save Tim. The Fishers returned to King's Bay.

Their peace did not last long, though, when they discovered that Diane was pregnant. Diane roped her assistant, Brian Hamilton, into helping with her schemes. They wasted no time in setting up a scenario in which Claire overheard Diane confessing to Tim that she was having his baby. Diane managed to make Claire believe that she and Tim had shared a night of passion after a late night of work, and with no memory of what had actually happened, Tim could not convince Claire that Diane was lying. He moved back into his parents' home.

He rebuffed Diane's romantic advances, and remained miserable without Claire. When his memory returned, he begged Claire to believe him about how Diane had gotten pregnant. Tim faked feelings for Diane and agreed to stay at her place -- so that he could search for a letter that James had mailed before his death. He found the letter, which told the truth about Diane's seduction of Tim. He and Claire confronted Diane and the truth finally came out. The Fishers happily reunited.

The terror of the stalking was taking its toll on Molly, as was the shock that Brent and Sarah had eloped. Molly and Brent were unable to stop thinking about one another. Still, Molly accepted Craig's marriage proposal, appreciative of his support. The couple, along with Brent, took a trip to Denver in hopes of tracing some of the threats against Molly, but returned with no solid evidence. Brent and Molly did, however, share some electric moments.

After returning from the jungle, Sarah and Brent renewed their vows. Brent was haunted by thoughts of Molly but was determined to make it work with his wife, about whom he cared very much. Meanwhile, Craig and Molly planned their wedding. One night, when Craig was supposed to be away on business, Molly was horrified to see a black-clad figure outside. The man broke the window and entered. Unbeknowst to the attacker, though, Brent had been in the bathroom making a repair. He rushed out to save Molly and they realized the stalker was a deranged Craig! He accused Molly of being in love with Brent and tried to kill both of them, but he was shot and died in the struggle. Sarah overheard the entire scene and became more determined to hang onto Brent, as she grew more resentful of Molly.

Sarah talked Brent into quitting the police force and taking a job with her working as a private investigator. Meanwhile, Molly struggled to recover from the revelation that Craig was insane and lost her job because of her inability to focus. Brent offered her support and Molly continued to feel drawn to him, but they both resisted their growing feelings. Molly even accepted dates with Brian Hamilton, hoping to get herself back together.

Jason was beginning to have the same feelings for Courtney as she did for him, and Shannon was quick to notice this. She planted a device in Courtney's room that would send subliminal messages to drive Courtney crazy.

The plan began to work when Court was nearly struck by a car because she was so lost in daydreams. Things got more severe when Courtney was able to return to skating -- so Shannon hired a hitman to club her in the knee and keep her out of commission!

Courtney tried to convince Jason that Shannon was not playing with a full deck, but he could not believe it. Then Court tried to set Jay up with her friend, Lauren Brooks, in the hope that he would at least be distracted from Shannon, but the setup never caught fire. Courtney finally confessed her feelings for Jason to Lauren, who agreed to help her land Jay.


Jason Fisher

Jason Fisher found himself caught between his longtime best friend, Courtney Chase, and his new skating partner, Shannon Parish.

Again sidelined from skating, Courtney believed that the key to getting Jason to look at her romantically would be to prove that Shannon had engineered the attack on her. She even got pictures of Shannon and the hitman talking, but they got hold of the pictures and Shannon stashed them away. With no actual proof, Courtney was unable to convince Jason or anyone else of Shannon's duplicity.

During a snowstorm, Jason was forced to spend the night at Shannon's. She got him drunk and then seduced him, but he felt guilty, thinking that he'd taken advantage of her. He urged Shannon to keep quiet about their night together, as his feelings for Courtney were growing deeper and deeper. He was so troubled that he ran his car off the road driving home in the snow, but luckily he got away without serious injuries.

Brent's sister, Danielle, decided to relocate to King's Bay after visiting for his wedding. An aspiring singer, she hoped to earn money to put together a demo tape and took a job as the maid at the Fitch mansion. Wealthy widow Katherine Fitch was not pleased to see Danielle growing close with her son, Andrew.

However, the two developed a deep bond as they investigated the mystery of the Fitches' former maid, Lisa Stafford. They discovered a wig that Lisa had left behind and a diary outlining plans for an arson. Later, they found a key in the wig and, after realizing it was a key to a locker at the bus station, uncovered a videotape of the arson! Danielle and Andy shared the story with Brent, who believed they were close to solving the suspected arson that had killed Ron and Lydia Powell some years earlier.

On New Year's Eve, everyone gathered for Bill and Paula Fisher's annual celebration. Shannon arrived with a date, but only had eyes for Jason -- and she ruined the budding romance between Jason and Courtney with the bombshell that Jason had bedded her! Sarah was pleased to see Molly arrive with Brian as her date. And a very pregnant Diane stole the show when she crashed the party and climbed out on the ledge, threatening to jump! Tim and Claire talked her down by promising to share custody of the unborn child.

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Total Episodes: 39

Notable Events:

Travis Paul Fisher
(to Tim Fisher and Claire Robbins)

Molly Fisher and Craig Simmons

James Robbins
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Diane Bishop