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Over the past several years, Footprints has used banner ads to
advertise upcoming storylines and events all over the web.
Here, we've gathered many of them for a trip down memory lane...


Nov 04

In the fall of 2004, readers were shocked when Brent and Molly's trip to
Vermont resulted in the discovery that Tim Fisher was alive. This promo was
released shortly after that reveal and incorporated the colors of the site's
freshly unveiled new look.


Black & White

At the outset of 2005, Molly and Brent invited their family and friends to an
engagement party where everyone was asked to wear black and/or white.
As the guests learned when they arrived, this was not just an engagement
party--but a surprise wedding!

June 05

In the summer of 2005, FP posted a new episode every Wednesday.


April 06

Katherine Fitch Moriani's bachelor auction required months of preparation, as
she planned to use it as her re-entry to her former social circle. Ryan convinced
the Fisher men and their friends to participate... but none of them knew the night
would end in murder.


April 2007

After a brief hiatus in the spring of 2007, the series came roaring back
with the long-awaited nuptials of Claire and Ryan--and the shocking revelation
of who had murdered (well, "murdered") Nick Moriani.


The fall of 2007 saw the power go out in King's Bay in an extra-long episode...
an event that might or might not have been inspired by the release of
Britney Spears's Blackout album.



In a companion piece to the prior fall's Blackout, this extra-length special focused
on Diane and Sarah, who took a trek to the mountains of Central Washington
to locate Sarah's AWOL brother, Ryan.

Writers Swap 08

Along with series The Blackthornes, Wonderland, and Guasti Cose,
Footprints took part in a special experiment in which producers handed over
their series to another writer for one episode. GC writer Ira Madison tackled FP,
producing Episode #488.

500th Episode

When FP celebrated the posting of its 500th episode in the spring of 2008,
it was in old-school soap style: with a week of daily episodes, culminating in
Episode #500 and a shocking cliffhanger.


Writers Swap 09

The second annual Webseries Writer Swap produced Episode #539,
written by Andy Eckles of The Blackthornes.

After Dark

This special episode went behind closed doors to show several Footprints
couples intimately, as we'd never seen them before.

Dailies Aug 09

The revelation that Elly was Danielle's biological daughter led to Elly and Travis
running away to Los Angeles. Their adventure played out over a week of daily

Oct 09

The Jason-Courtney wedding promised to provide a dramatic and action-packed
culmination to the tale of deranged Shannon/Sabrina, whose machinations had
reached fever pitch by the fall of 2009.


August 2011 Banner

This teaser appeared in the summer of 2011, in advance of a site overhaul and
a week of daily episodes centering on Ryan and Danielle's wedding.


Footprints Fridays - This Summer

This ad was used for "Footprints Fridays," an event during the summer of 2013 during
which a new episode was posted every Friday from Memorial Day through Labor Day.


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