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- Brent and Sarah desperately tried to find evidence that Graham was responsible for Matt’s attack and framed him for drug use.
- Sarah gave birth to Graham’s son.
- Graham overheard Bill saying that Sarah had asked him to hire Matt at his restaurant, since Matt had just been fired from his job because of the drug allegations.

KB Memorial Hospital


From her hospital bed, Sarah Colville keeps her eyes on the closed door of her room as she speaks.

“I don’t know how much longer I can do it,” she says. “Him holding my hand while I had the baby… it was like a nightmare.”

Her best friend sits in a chair beside the bed, genuine concern etched into her face. “Then you need to leave him.”

“I can’t. Not now.” Sarah’s gaze flickers over toward Diane, revealing her distress. “I don’t know what he’d do. If he really had all of that done to Matt…”

“Then we need to find some solid evidence,” Diane says.

“We will.” Sarah shakes her head. “I can’t believe I have to go home with him. I can’t believe that I let my son be born like this. It’s all wrong.”

“You’re going to figure this out.”

“I have to. I’m the one who got us all into this mess. Tori, this baby, even Matt--none of them asked for this. But I was too stupid to see the signs until it was too late.”

Diane grabs for Sarah’s hand. “That doesn’t make you stupid. Graham pulled one over on all of us. You had no reason not to believe him.”

“It’s my job. I should have figured it out.”

“Tell me what I can do,” Diane says. “Is there something I can go check out, or--”

She is interrupted by the opening of the door. Both women clam up as Graham enters the room.

“How is the baby?” Sarah asks, her heart pounding.

“Sleeping peacefully in the nursery,” Graham says. “He’s wonderful. Just perfect.”

“Of course he is.” Sarah wishes that she could appreciate this time without all the reservations and fear hanging over her head; it is supposed to be such a pure, happy time, and instead it is haunted by suspicion and lies.

“Diane, could I have a moment with my wife?” Graham asks.

“We were just having some girl talk,” Sarah says. “Can it wait a few minutes?”

Graham’s tone is stern. “I really need to speak with you.”

Hesitantly, Diane rises from the chair and makes her way to the door. “I’ll be right out in the waiting area,” she says as she exits.

The sound of the door closing behind Diane seems ominous to Sarah. Her exhausted body tightens up in the bed as Graham slowly approaches her.

“I’ve made some arrangements,” he says.


When Diane returns to the waiting area, she finds that Sarah’s family members have departed, since they have all had time to see the new mother and baby. She wonders if they have any idea how terrible things are for Sarah right now. She is trying to determine which of the people spread throughout the waiting room would be least awful to sit near when she spots Matt and Tori entering from the hallway.

“Your mom’s been waiting to see you,” Diane says to Tori, who is wearing a flowy patterned top and a pair of very short shorts.

“How’s the baby?” Tori asks.

“He’s great. So cute. You’ll die.” Diane indicates the corridor leading in the other direction. “Room 427. Graham just went in there.”

She sees how Matt stiffens at the mere mention of the man.

“Why don’t you head back there?” Matt says to his daughter.

  Matt Gray

Tori does just that, leaving Matt and Diane alone together. Diane doesn’t know what to say to him. Normally she would lower her voice to a conspiratorial whisper to discuss Graham, but Sarah warned her not to give Matt any hint of how deep their suspicions run.

“She seems okay? Baby’s healthy and all?” Matt asks.

“Yep. Sounds like he’s perfect.”

“Good,” Matt says. “Listen. You gonna be here for a while?”

“I guess so. Yeah.”

“Would you mind giving Tori a lift back to my place? I need to get out of here.”

“You don’t want to see Sarah?” Diane says.

“Seeing Sarah is the last thing I wanna do. Let her and her psycho husband enjoy their new kid. I’m sure she thinks I’m gonna kidnap the baby or try to blow it up or something.”

“She doesn’t think that.”

“Yeah. She does.” 

Something surges inside Diane--a need to do something to make this better for Sarah. “Know that new job you just got?” she says. “There’s something you need to know about it.”


“Arrangements?” Sarah asks.

Graham folds his hands together. “Yes. I think what all of us need right now is a fresh start. A clean break from the havoc of the last few months.”


“Denver will be perfect for that.”

“Denver?” Sarah sits up in the bed. “What are you talking about?”

“I’ve found a house for us to rent for the time being,” he says. “My realtor will take care of the house here and have the necessary belongings shipped to Denver.”

She searches for some sign that he is joking--a grin, something--but his face, his entire demeanor, is placid.

“I can’t just move to Denver,” she says. “My career is here. Tori is here--”

“Victoria can come with us. She’ll want to be with her new little brother, of course. And it will get her away from Matt without too much legal chaos or hurt feelings.”

“Graham…” She scans the recesses of her mind for something, anything, that can get her out of this. She can’t leave King’s Bay with this man. She won’t. So she simply tells him, “No.”

Graham looks at her with great curiosity, his brow furrowing. “Excuse me?”

“I said no. I’m not leaving my entire family to move to Denver with you. Especially not like this.”

“We are moving to Denver. You, Victoria, our son, and me. There will be no further discussion on the subject.”

It all happens in a flash. Sarah hears the door opening, and she tries to signal for Graham to be quiet, but it’s too late. Tori enters the room, and judging by the way her face drops, she has absolutely heard Graham’s declaration.

“Moving?” Tori asks.

“Graham and I were just having a discussion.” Sarah gestures for Tori to come to her and flashes an angry look at Graham. It is an incredible relief to be able to express anger at him over something, given how much she has had to bottle up recently.

Tori remains frozen in the doorway. “I’m not moving. I’m staying with Dad.” And she bolts from the room.


Matt and Diane stand huddled in a corner. To Matt, they might as well be the only two people in the entire hospital. The confirmation Diane has just offered him has caused everything else to fall away.

“Why would she do that?” he asks in a half-whisper.

“Because she wanted to help you,” Diane says. “She’s trying to protect you. She doesn’t want you to lose Tori.”

“But she’s been siding with Graham.”

“She’s terrified of him. She’s trying to keep him from getting suspicious.” Diane glances back over her shoulder to be sure they’re still alone. “She and Brent are working to clear your name and prove that Graham was behind what happened.”

Matt leans against the wall and is relieved to find that it is steady. The whole room seems to be spinning as he takes in what Diane is telling him.

“You can’t let her know that I told you this,” Diane says. “She’s playing along so that she has access to Graham. She’s miserable. But she’s doing this for you and Tori.”

As if on cue, Tori comes running into the waiting area.

“What’s wrong?” Matt asks, snapping out of his daze as much as he can. It is apparent that his daughter is upset.

“Graham says we’re moving,” she says. “He’s making Mom and me move to Denver with him.”

  Tori Gray

Matt trades panicked looks with Diane. “That’s not happening,” he says, and he grabs Tori’s hand and heads toward Sarah’s room.


“Will you please go after her?” Sarah asks as she strains to pull herself from the bed.

“She will be fine,” Graham says. “And you need to rest.”

“I’m not going to rest when my daughter just ran off in a panic!” Sarah swings her legs off the bed and is about to plant them on the floor when Graham grabs her by the shoulders.

“You will stay still,” he says. “Calm down.”

“No! My daughter’s upset, and you’ve just declared that we’re moving away from my entire family--”

“It’s for our own good.”

“It is not!” She tries to shake free of his hold. “Let go of me.”

To her surprise, his hands leave her shoulders, and he takes a step backward. But he continues to loom over her, his stare penetrating Sarah.

“Why don’t you tell me what this is really about?” he says.

“This is really about me not wanting to leave King’s Bay--”

“Is it? Or does it have anything to do with how you went behind my back and asked your father to give Matt a job?”

Her entire being goes rigid with shock.

“Do you take me for a complete fool?” he asks, glaring down at her. “Actually, there’s no need for you to answer that. I know things you never imagined I would know, Sarah. I know what you’ve done, and I am not going to let it destroy this family.”

“What are you talking about?” Her heart is beating so rapidly that she can hardly manage short little bursts of breath.

“I saw you with Matt. Kissing him. Outside his apartment.”

Sarah remembers the night all too well, but she has no idea how Graham could have seen it. Where was he? How could he have been there? As she racks her brain, Graham hovers over her, his face a tightly controlled mask of rage that she can tell is on the verge of cracking. And as much as she wants to bolt from the room and escape him, she also wants to see this through.

“Tell me,” Graham says. “Was that all that happened that night?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about, Sarah. You slept with Matt that night, didn’t you? You were intimate with him. This baby--is it even ours? Or is it his?”

She is terrified that he is about to grab her or hit her or toss her across the room, but then she sees his eyes flash toward the doorway--where Matt and Tori stand, having heard Graham’s allegation loud and clear.


Is Graham about to go off the deep end?
Will Sarah have to stay married to him?
Discuss it all in the Footprints Forum!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

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