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- Elly’s biological father, Jimmy Trask, arrived in King’s Bay and met with Danielle.
- Following a request from Sarah, Bill hired Matt to work at his restaurant.
- Sarah gave birth to a baby boy.

KB Memorial Hospital


This particular pocket of the hospital seems surprisingly quiet as Bill and Paula Fisher sit together, awaiting word on the birth of their latest grandchild.

“I hope everything’s going all right,” Paula says as she sets down the magazine that she wasn’t even pretending to read.

“Everything will be fine,” Bill reassures her. “She’s been in perfect health this entire pregnancy.”

“I know. But she’s been under so much stress lately, and…” Neither of them needs to mention the tragic outcome of Sarah’s last pregnancy for the fear to be understood.

“I just know that this situation with Matt has been very stressful for her,” Paula continues.

“She actually called me last night,” Bill says. “I didn’t want to say anything just yet, but she said that Matt had been fired from Windmills and asked if I would consider hiring him.”

“That’s awful. What are you going to do?”

“I offered him a job this morning, and he accepted it. I was going to tell you when I got home from the restaurant.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Paula says. “This might help Matt get his life on track--and at the least, that’s a good thing for Tori.”

“Maybe that’s why Sarah was so adamant that I hire him,” Bill says.

The two are so consumed by their conversation that neither notices that Graham has entered the waiting room and is standing just a few feet behind them. Their words echoing in his ears, he retreats back through the swinging door without ever making his presence known.


Minutes later, Brent Taylor returns to the waiting room with coffees for both Bill and Paula. As he hands them the paper cups, he informs them, “Tim just texted me that he is out of his meeting and on his way. I know Jason’s headed over, and…”

He stops when he sees Molly entering the waiting area--with Philip Ragan right behind her. Brent and his ex-wife share a prolonged moment of incredibly awkward eye contact as Bill and Paula rise to greet their daughter.

“Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad,” Molly says as she hugs each of them. She turns to Brent: “Thanks for texting me about Sarah.”

“No problem.” Brent stuffs his hands into his pockets and tries to look as undisturbed as possible by Philip’s presence.

“It’s good to see you both again,” Philip says to Molly’s parents. He shakes Bill’s hand and gives Paula a kiss on the cheek.

“Any word about the baby yet?” Molly asks.

Bill starts to speak. “Not--”

But he is interrupted by Graham entering through the swinging door, clad in the blue scrubs that the nurses gave him. The white face mask is pulled down beneath his chin.

“Actually, there is news,” he says. “Sarah and I have a son.”

As everyone breaks out into congratulations, Jason comes rushing into the waiting area.

“What did I miss?” he asks as he hurries over to his family.

  Graham Colville

“Sarah just had the baby,” Paula says. “A boy.”

“That’s awesome.” Jason sees the way Graham is looking at him and says the words that he reviewed over and over on his drive over. “Alex sends his best. He’s at home. With Sophie.”

Graham seems to understand that this means Alex chose not to come, but he lets it pass without further comment. “Would the grandparents like to see Sarah?” he asks instead.

“We certainly would,” Bill says, and he lets Graham lead him and Paula back through the hospital’s corridors.

King's Bay Park

The summer sun beats down on the crowded park. Danielle Taylor stands on a walking path not too far from the soccer field, where she can see Caleb and Christian playing with the rest of the kids from their day camp.

“He seems… the same, to be honest,” Danielle says into her cell phone. “Like time has been frozen for him for the last nineteen years.”

“Is that a good or a bad thing?” Matt Gray asks over the line.

“If you had ever met Jimmy, you’d know the answer to that. It isn’t that he’s a bad guy--he just isn’t father material. He wasn’t then, and I don’t get the impression that he is now.”

Elly’s a good kid. She has her head on straight. All she wants to do is meet him.”

“I know. That’s what I keep telling myself,” Danielle says as she paces over a small section of the paved path. “It isn’t like she’s a little kid and I’m just going to turn her loose with Jimmy.”

“It’ll mean a lot to her that you’re doing this,” Matt says. “Wait, hang on a sec.” He is quiet for a few seconds, and Danielle waits for him to return to the line.

“I just got a text from Tori,” he says. “Sarah’s having the baby. I probably need to pick Tori up and give her a ride to the hospital…”

“Does that seem like a good idea?” Danielle asks. Any environment that puts Matt face-to-face with Graham does not seem like a healthy one these days.

“Don’t have much choice,” he says. “Bill and Paula are already at the hospital, she said. I can just drop her off. Hell--maybe it’ll show them that I’m not a totally irresponsible loser.”

“Believe me,” Danielle says, “I’ve known irresponsible losers. You are not one.”

“Thanks for that. All right, I’ve gotta run. I’ll check in with you later.”

“Okay. Good luck.”

Matt hangs up first. Danielle watches the twins running down the soccer field as she puts her phone back in her purse. For Matt’s sake, she hopes that his visit to the hospital is as brief and painless as possible.


Brent keeps himself occupied by chatting with Tim and Jason, but when Philip leaves the waiting area to take a call on his cell phone, Brent excuses himself and approaches Molly.

“Hey,” he says with a tentative half-wave.

Molly cradles her oversized purse on her lap. “Thanks again for texting me about Sarah. Philip had come by the office to have lunch with me. If I’d known you were going to be here…” She gestures to indicate the empty chair that Philip just left behind.

Brent doesn’t know how to follow up on that comment in a graceful manner, so he goes for the most matter-of-fact statement--really a question--that comes to mind.

“So you guys are…?”

“Yeah,” Molly admits, looking a bit sheepish. “Don’t worry. I haven’t told the boys yet. We’re taking it slowly.”

He wants to say that he is happy for her, but he isn’t entirely certain that he is--at least not if Philip is the man she’s seeing now, considering how he was sniffing around her long before her and Brent’s marriage fell apart.

  Brent Taylor

They make small talk for a few more minutes about the twins’ soccer camp and plans for later in the summer. It is all very pleasant. When Philip returns from taking his call, Brent excuses himself and returns to his conversation with Molly’s brothers. All he can think about, though, is how the woman with whom he was supposed to spend the rest of his life is sitting across the room with another man, all too happy to move on, while Brent is stuck in neutral.


“Do you have any thoughts on his name?” Bill asks as he stares down at the tiny, pink baby in Sarah’s arms. The newest Fisher grandchild has a few wisps of brown hair atop his head and cheeks that are already chubby.

“We haven’t talked about it too much,” Sarah says, sharing a look with Graham. “We thought we would have a better idea once we met him.”

“He’s so adorable,” Paula says. “Congratulations, both of you.”

“Thank you,” Graham says. “It’s…” He takes in the sight of his new son and his wife. “It’s truly overwhelming.”

As Paula and Sarah begin discussing postnatal routines, Graham gestures for Bill to join him for a private word. They step over toward the door of the recovery room.

“I don’t mean to pry,” Graham begins, keeping his voice low, “but Sarah mentioned something earlier about Matt getting a job at Harbor Boulevard. Is that true?”

Bill hesitates.

“I hope so,” Graham says. “It would certainly be a help to Matt in pulling his life together--and that can only be a good thing for Victoria.”

“I agree,” Bill says. “And Matt could definitely use a little help lately.”

“Yes. So Sarah suggested you do that? That was wise of her.”

“I was a little surprised when she called me,” Bill says, relieved by Graham’s attitude, “but it seemed like a good idea.”

“Well, I hope Matt doesn’t repay your kindness by causing you any undue difficulties.” Graham spins around and returns to his wife and their son. Bill lingers by the door, unable to shake the sense that there was some barely controlled rage simmering right below the surface of Graham’s even-keeled response to the news.


What will Graham do now that he knows about Sarah’s request?
Will Brent be able to move on from Molly?
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Wed., July 18, 2012

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