Episode #10

The Morning After #09



Molly is asleep. Fade into flashback:

MOLLY: It really helped to spend some time with you.

BRENT: I’m glad.

They lingeringly stare at each other. Slowly, they draw towards each other and kiss deeply before pulling apart. Hold on their shocked looks.

Fade back into reality. Molly sits up in her bed.

MOLLY: I’ve gotta talk to Brent now.


Brent and Sarah are asleep in the bed. Fade into Brent’s flashback:

MOLLY: It really helped to spend some time with you.

BRENT: I’m glad.

They lingeringly stares at each other. Slowly, they draw towards each other and kiss deeply before pulling apart. Hold on their shocked looks.

Fade back to reality and into another of Brent’s flashbacks:

At the chapel, Brent and Sarah are standing at the altar with the minister.

MINISTER: Brent, do you take this woman, Sarah Fisher, to be your lawfully-wedded wife, to love and to serve, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and health, till death do you apart?

BRENT: I do.

MINISTER: And Sarah, do you take this man, Brent Taylor, to be your lawfully-wedded husband, to love and to serve, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and health, till death do you apart?

SARAH: I do.

MINISTER: I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Fade back to reality and into Sarah’s flashback:

MOLLY: Did you feel anything?

BRENT: No, I didn’t. I just missed Sarah more than ever.

Fade into background, where Sarah is looking in the window.

Back to reality. Sarah sits up in bed.

SARAH: I beat you, Molly … I’ve got Brent now.

She cuddles up to Brent.


Shannon is putting her skates on. Enter Jason.

JASON: Hey, Shannon.

SHANNON: Oh, hi, Jason. How’d you sleep?

JASON: Pretty well. It’s just this getting-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn that’s killing me.

SHANNON: I know what you mean. (long beat) So, how’s Courtney doing?

JASON: Actually, I talked to her last night. She’s feeling a lot better, and her physical therapy is going well.

SHANNON: That’s great. Well, I’ve gotta go find Sandy, but I’ll see you later.

JASON: Okay, bye.

Exit Shannon.

SHANNON: (SOTTO VOCE) So, Courtney, you’re doing better, huh? Not for long, I can assure you.


Tim is asleep in the bed and Claire is sleeping in a nearby chair. Fade into a flashback:

DR. SMITH: His physical health is fine. He should have little or no trouble making a quick and complete recovery from the gunshot wound.

BILL: Thank goodness. When can we bring him home?

DR. SMITH: It’s not that simple, Mr. Fisher.

BILL: Why? I— I thought you said he was okay.

DR. SMITH: Physically, he is fine. But mentally …

PAULA: What?

DR. SMITH: I’m afraid that Tim is suffering from amnesia.

Fade back into reality. Claire wakes up slowly.

CLAIRE: (THINKING) Tim, you’ve gotta remember …



Paula is drinking coffee and reading at the kitchen table. Enter Molly, dressed for work.

PAULA: Oh, good morning, dear.

MOLLY: Morning, Mom.

PAULA: Why, what’s wrong, Molly?

MOLLY: Nothing.

PAULA: I can always tell when something’s gone wrong with you. Is it this stalker business? Because you’ve just got—

MOLLY: No, it’s not that. It’s something else.

PAULA: What is it, then? You can tell me, honey.

MOLLY: Well, it’s just that—

Molly is interrupted by the ringing of the telephone. Paula answers it. Two-way conversation.

PAULA: Hello?

SARAH: Hi, Mom!

PAULA: Oh, Sarah, hello! (beat) What are you doing, calling so early?

SARAH: I just had to tell you something.

PAULA: What is it?

Someone knocks on the hotel room door.

SARAH: Hang on for a second – that must be room service.

PAULA: Room service?

Sarah sets the food on a table. Exit room-service waiter. Sarah picks up the phone again.

PAULA: Did you say room service?

SARAH: Actually, I did.

PAULA: Where are you?

SARAH: At the Stonybrook Inn … on the first leg of my honeymoon.

PAULA: Your what?!?

SARAH: Brent and I got married last night. We’ll drop by later. (beat) Don’t worry … we plan to have a reception for family and friends the minute we get back from our honeymoon.

PAULA: Oh, oh my. Where are you going?

SARAH: We’re gonna fly down to Florida for a few days and just relax. Then we have to rush back up here, because of work at the station.

PAULA: Well, okay. (beat) Why don’t I let you get back to that food … and your husband? I love you, honey.

SARAH: Thanks, Mom. I love you too. Please tell Dad. I’m sure he’ll understand.

PAULA: Okay. Bye, honey.

Paula hangs up the phone.

MOLLY: Was that Sarah?

PAULA: Yes … yes, it was.

MOLLY: Why’d you say "your husband"?

PAULA: Well … last night, Sarah and Brent eloped.

Hold on Molly’s shock.


Claire is sitting up in the chair. Tim stirs in the bed.

CLAIRE: How am I gonna handle this? (beat) I have to find out who did this to you, Tim.

She walks over to him and holds his hand.

CLAIRE: I just wish everything could be the way it was a few months ago. We had everything – we were so in love, you had so many job opportunities, I had just landed this nursing position … and we were so excited about our baby. (long beat) But now you don’t remember anything …

She walks over to the window and pulls the blinds open.

CLAIRE: I have to find out who did this to you. I’d like to know why they did it. Was it just random, or did you do something to provoke it? What if this person is still after me? (beat) Well, I guess that’s the upside to having a dad with mob connections. At least he’ll be able to keep me protected if I need it.

She goes back over to the bed and sits down.

CLAIRE: Tim, I had so many dreams for us. And I guess I could’ve gone to Chicago if you really wanted to take that job … It was selfish of me to throw such a fit. I thought the memories I had were trouble. Now look at my life …

She gazes at his sleeping face, and all of a sudden Tim wakes up. Hold on his confusion.



In progress.

MOLLY: What do you mean, they got married?

PAULA: That’s what Sarah said. They spent the night at the Stonybrook Inn, and tonight they’re leaving for Florida.

MOLLY: Wow …

PAULA: I know. I can hardly believe it myself.

Enter Bill.

BILL: Believe what?

PAULA: Sarah just called. She and Brent— Well, last night, they eloped.

BILL: What?!?

Paula and Bill fade into background as Molly exits the room.

MOLLY: (SOTTO VOCE) If Brent married Sarah last night, that means he didn’t feel anything in that kiss. But how can I ever face him knowing that I could have deep feelings for him while he’s married to my sister? And what about Craig …?

Doorbell rings. Molly answers it. Enter Craig.

MOLLY: Oh, hi, Craig.

CRAIG: Hey, Molly. (beat) You look tired.

MOLLY: You wouldn’t believe how badly I slept last night.

CRAIG: On account of what?

MOLLY: Oh, nothing much.

CRAIG: So, what’s up?

MOLLY: Something big! My sister just called – last night she got married!

CRAIG: To that Brent guy?

MOLLY: Yeah.

CRAIG: Good for her.

MOLLY: Yeah, I know. (beat) Well, are you ready to hit the road?

CRAIG: Yeah. We’d better get to work soon.

MOLLY: Okay.

Molly runs out the front door and then runs back in.

MOLLY: Come on!

She drags Craig out the front door.


Brent and Sarah are eating breakfast at the table.

SARAH: So, how are you enjoying your first morning of having me as your wife?

BRENT: Should be an interesting lifetime, I’ve gotta tell you, if this is how you act all the time.

SARAH: I’m just so excited! I mean, there’s a world full of possibilities in front of us that we’ve only begun to face, and the best part is that we’ll face all of them together.

They kiss.

SARAH: Aren’t you excited about our honeymoon to Florida? It’ll be so nice to leave everything behind for a while. Won’t it, Brent?

Brent stares at the ceiling. Images of he and Molly kissing flash on the screen.

SARAH: Brent—Brent?!?

BRENT: Oh … sorry. You were saying …

SARAH: I was saying how nice it would be to leave everything behind for a while, for just the two of us to be alone with no outside interruptions, you know?

BRENT: Yeah, I do.


Jason and Courtney are talking. Enter Shannon.

SHANNON: Jason – there you are!

JASON: What’s up?

SHANNON: Sandy needs to see us for a moment. There’s a whole bunch of forms we need to fill out for this year’s competitions.

JASON: I’ll be right with you.


Exit Shannon.

JASON: It was really great of you to come watch us practice. You’re being so civilized about this whole thing. (beat) It’s a real inspiration to have you there watching me.

COURTNEY: Thanks. I’m just holding onto the hope that I’ll be fully recuperated and I’ll be back out there someday soon.

Shannon peeks around the corner.

SHANNON: (THINKING) Don’t count on it, Courtney.

JASON: I know you’ll be able to do it, Court.

COURTNEY: I sure hope so. (beat) Listen, I better let you go. Shannon said Sandy needed to see you—

JASON: Good idea. Hey, why don’t we get together for lunch when I’m done?

COURTNEY: Okay. (quick beat) Let’s meet at your dad’s restaurant in an hour, okay?

JASON: Sure. See you later.


Exit Courtney.

SHANNON: (THINKING) I’ve gotta do something about this …



Brent and Sarah are dancing. "How Do I Live" by LeAnn Rimes is playing.

SARAH: I love you so much, Brent. You’re so great to me. You give me so much attention; you’re so caring, so honest—

Enter Molly.

MOLLY: Wait, Brent! How can you love Sarah? I’m willing to give up everything for you!

SARAH: No, Brent – you love me! We’ll be together forever.

Molly tugs on Brent’s sleeve.

MOLLY: How will you be able to live your life not knowing what we could’ve had?

SARAH: Brent, you can’t leave me!

MOLLY: You’re mine!

SARAH: No, you’re mine!

They tug fiercely.

BRENT: Nooooooooooooo!!!!

Fade back to reality:


Brent and Sarah are staring silently at the lake.

BRENT: I’m gonna go get another drink. Can I get you anything, Mrs. Taylor?

SARAH: No, I’m fine. (quick beat) Just get yourself back here quick, okay?

BRENT: Sure thing.

Exit Brent.

SARAH: (SOTTO VOCE) I know exactly who’s distracting you so much. But I guarantee, Brent, that by the end of our honeymoon you won’t give Molly another thought.


Enter Claire with a glass of water for Tim.

TIM: You look pretty depressed, Claire. What’s wrong?

CLAIRE: Oh, it’s … it’s nothing.

TIM: Something has you down in the dumps. I can tell by the look in your eyes.

CLAIRE: You can tell that by looking in my eyes?

TIM: Yeah, I can. Something about your eyes seems so familiar. (long beat) So, why don’t you tell me what’s wrong?

CLAIRE: Okay. (long beat) It’s just that my husband … he, well he’s not responding to me lately. And our baby is due in a month or so. I just can’t help but wonder if we’ll never be able to fix things between us, you know?

TIM: I understand. Excuse me, but this guy’s gotta be some jerk if he’s ignoring a beautiful woman like you and his unborn child.



Molly is working at her desk. Enter Craig.

CRAIG: Hey, Molly! You up for lunch?

MOLLY: With you? Why, Mr. Simmons, I do believe you’re asking me out.

CRAIG: Yes, well, I know this kind of office romance is forbidden, but I must have you! Without the woman of my dreams, life would not be worth living.

MOLLY: I accept your invitation. But please, keep your voice down. If word of this gets out …

They break down laughing.

MOLLY: Yeah, I’ll go. Go to your car – I need to finish printing this out and then I’ll be right down.

CRAIG: Okay.

Exit Craig. Molly’s document finishes printing.

MOLLY: (THINKING) It’s probably a good thing that I haven’t blown things with Craig over that kiss with Brent. He’s married to Sarah now – I should just try to forget about the whole thing.

Molly grabs her coat and purse. Exit Molly. She disappears down the hallway and Craig comes back up on the elevator. He enters Molly’s office.

CRAIG: Where are my keys?

He searches the office.


Molly approaches Craig’s car.

MOLLY: Craig? Where are you?


Jason and Courtney are eating lunch. Conversation in progress.

COURTNEY: So, filling out those forms went okay?

JASON: Pretty much. There was a whole mix-up with my membership number, but we were able to get it sorted out.

COURTNEY: Oh, good. (beat) So you think everything’s going well with you and Shannon?

JASON: It’s going very well. The only thing is …


JASON: It’s just not the same skating without you.

COURTNEY: You know we’ve always had great chemistry together, Jason.

JASON: Yeah, we have.

Hold on Courtney’s optimism.



Claire dials a number of the payphone. Two-way conversation.

SECRETARY: Vision Publishing. How may I help you?

CLAIRE: I’d like to speak to Diane Bishop, please.

SECRETARY: One moment, please. I’m transferring your call.

CLAIRE: Thank you.


The phone rings and Diane picks it up.

DIANE: Hello?

CLAIRE: Hi, Diane, this is Claire Fisher – Tim’s wife.

DIANE: Oh, hi! How are you doing with the pregnancy?

CLAIRE: The baby’s healthy and due in a month.

DIANE: Good, good! (beat) And how’s Tim? Is he recovering?

CLAIRE: He finally woke up from his coma.

DIANE: Oh, that’s wonderful! No physical damage?

CLAIRE: Not really.

DIANE: When will he be returning to work?

CLAIRE: Uh … Well, that’s why I called you, Diane. (long beat) Tim is suffering from amnesia.

DIANE: How awful!

CLAIRE: I know.

DIANE: Hang in there, Claire. I’m sure he’ll get his memory back soon.

CLAIRE: I sure hope so. I’ve gotta go.

DIANE: It was nice talking to you. Best of luck! Bye.


Diane hangs up the phone, and an evil grin spreads across her face.


In progress.

JASON: Yeah, we always did have great chemistry. (beat) I know that you’ll be able to recover from this injury real quickly.

COURTNEY: I know I will, too.

Their stares resume. Enter Shannon.

SHANNON: Oh, guys! I had no idea that you were coming here to eat. What a coincidence!

JASON: Why don’t you pull up a chair and join us?

SHANNON: You sure I won’t be intruding?

JASON: I’m sure.

SHANNON: Well, okay, then.

Shannon gets a chair and sits down. She and Courtney exchange dirty looks.


Craig and Molly enter.

MOLLY: That was a great lunch, Craig.

CRAIG: It was my pleasure.

MOLLY: I’ve gotta get back to work. I’ll see you later, okay?

CRAIG: Okay. Bye.

Exit Craig. Molly opens one of her desk drawers. She pulls out a small box.

MOLLY: What’s this?

An explosion sounds and the room is filled with smoke. The box falls on a stack of papers, which catch fire.

MOLLY: Help!!!

Out on Molly’s desperation.


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