Episode #09

Immediately After #08



Molly and Brent are sitting on the couch watching TV.

MOLLY: Do you mind if I change the channel? This really sucks.

BRENT: Go ahead. (beat) So, how are you feeling?

MOLLY: A little better. You were right – if I had gone home alone I would’ve been going out of my mind right about now.

BRENT: On top of that, you might be dead right now.

MOLLY: Well, I’m having a much better time over here than I would in the morgue.

BRENT: I’m glad to hear that. (beat) Sarah should be off-duty soon, so she’ll come pick you up and bring you home.

MOLLY: It really helped to spend some time with you.

BRENT: I’m glad.

They lingeringly stares at each other. Slowly, they draw towards each other and kiss deeply before pulling apart. Hold on their shocked looks.


In progress. Tim has just opened his eyes.

CLAIRE: Oh, Tim! You’re awake! How do you feel?

TIM: Where am I?

CLAIRE: You’re in the hospital, Tim.

TIM: Why? What happened to me?

CLAIRE: You were shot.

TIM: By who?

CLAIRE: We don’t know. But I’m so glad you’re awake!

TIM: I’m sorry … am I supposed to know you?

Out on Claire’s shock.



Molly and Brent have just kissed. They look at each other, confused, before Brent stands and turns away from Molly.

BRENT: Oh my gosh. I can’t believe I just did that.

MOLLY: Brent, Brent—

BRENT: I love Sarah! I love her, and I just kissed her sister!

MOLLY: Brent, it was just us sitting here, bonding, and that was probably just an impulsive nothing. It was just the situation getting a little out of control. Am I right?

BRENT: Maybe … I hope so. What do we do now?

MOLLY: We should kiss again—


MOLLY: Do you think this is fun for me? I have Craig, remember? He’s off somewhere on business and I’m here kissing my sister’s boyfriend.

BRENT: Okay, fine. I see your point. (long beat) But why should we kiss again?

MOLLY: Just to make sure there’s nothing there. Because if there is, we have to be honest with ourselves.

BRENT: You’re probably right.

They come together and kiss again; it builds up slowly before they break apart.

MOLLY: Did you feel anything?

BRENT: No, I didn’t. I just missed Sarah more than ever.

Fade into background, where Sarah is looking in the window.


In progress.

CLAIRE: Dr. Smith, what’s wrong with my husband?

DR. SMITH: I’ll have to run some tests, Nurse, but try not to panic.

CLAIRE: He didn’t recognize me!

DR. SMITH: Calm down. Why don’t you go call the rest of his family, meanwhile? I’ll be done with him in a few minutes.


Exit Claire to the hallway.



Brent and Molly’s conversation in progress. Sarah is standing outside the window.

BRENT: Now I can look Sarah in the eye and not worry about this. Right?

MOLLY: Yeah, yeah.

Sarah is out in the hallway.

SARAH: (SOTTO VOCE) What is going on here? Why are they kissing? (beat) It was dumb of me to ever leave them together like this! Molly’s always been so popular … Why does she have to screw things up with the one guy I really love? (long beat) Well, I’m not letting him go. I’ve gotta hold on to Brent.

Sarah unlocks the door. Brent and Molly slide apart. Enter Sarah.

SARAH: Hi, guys!

MOLLY: Hey! How’d it go?

SARAH: We managed to get everything cleared up. There was a grocery store robbery, and then the crazy robber was threatening to kill himself if the police took him away.

BRENT: Is he in jail now?

SARAH: Yeah, we managed to calm him down enough to put him in cuffs.

BRENT: That’s police work for you.

SARAH: Molly, Mom and Dad just got home – they called me. Why don’t you head on home and I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay? I’d like to have some time with Brent.

MOLLY: Fine. Thanks, Brent. See you later, Sarah!

Exit Molly. She walks out into the hallway.

MOLLY: (THINKING) Brent didn’t feel anything. But I did. Should I just keep it to myself?

Back inside the apartment, Brent and Sarah are talking.

SARAH: So, how’d you guys do?

BRENT: Fine. It was an … interesting evening.

SARAH: That’s nice to know. (long beat) Look, maybe I’m just worked up over the whole robbery thing we just broke up, or maybe I’m nuts, but I’m feeling really spontaneous tonight. We should do something completely crazy.

BRENT: What do you have in mind?

SARAH: Let’s get married.

Hold on Brent’s surprise.


The phone is ringing. Enter Bill in a robe. He answers the phone. Two-way conversation.

BILL: Hello?

CLAIRE: Oh, hi, Bill. I’m at the hospital.

BILL: What’s wrong? The baby’s okay, right?

CLAIRE: I’m fine. It’s Tim.

BILL: What? What happened to him?

CLAIRE: He just woke up.

Enter Paula into the kitchen.

BILL: He woke up?

CLAIRE: Just a few minutes ago. They’re running some tests on him now.

PAULA: Can we go see him?

BILL: Paula wants to know if we can come see him now.

CLAIRE: Yeah, I’m sure they’ll let you.

BILL: Has he asked about us?

CLAIRE: Well … no, actually.

BILL: Oh. (quick beat) I bet he was busy talking to his beautiful wife, happy to see his baby was okay—

CLAIRE: No, actually … he didn’t recognize me.

Out on Bill’s confusion.



Sarah and Brent are speaking. In progress.

BRENT: What do you mean, let’s get married? It’s not that simple!

SARAH: But it is, Brent! There’s a little chapel not more than an hour away—

BRENT: Are you sure this is for real and not just some whim that you’ll regret later?

SARAH: Of course I’m sure! We can just run off and come back married.

BRENT: What about our families?

SARAH: We can have a reception for everybody later on. (long beat) What, you love me, don’t you?

BRENT: Yes, I do. I love you, Sarah. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready to marry you.

SARAH: Yeah? Well, I’m ready, and you better be, too.

She gets down on one knee.

SARAH: Brent, I love you. I never want to be apart from you again. I never want to feel that anything could come between us. So, please, will you marry me?

BRENT: Boy, this is weird … Yes, Sarah, I will. I’ll marry you.

She jumps up to hug him and they kiss.

BRENT: Wait … what about rings?

SARAH: Not a problem. We can take care of that on the way.

BRENT: Okay. (beat) What are you gonna wear?

SARAH: Hmmm … Hey, why don’t you buy the rings and I’ll get my dress? We can meet at the chapel when we’re ready.

BRENT: Okay, Sarah. In just a few short hours you will be Mrs. Brent Taylor.

SARAH: I can’t wait!

Exit Brent and Sarah. Hold on the closed door.


Claire is waiting nervously outside Tim’s room. Enter Paula and Bill.

PAULA: Oh, Claire, what’s happened? Bill said Tim didn’t recognize you—

CLAIRE: He didn’t. Dr. Smith is in there running some tests. He should be with us really soon.

PAULA: Dr. Smith?!? I don’t want that nutcase attending to my son!

CLAIRE: Don’t worry. I work here, remember? He’s a little … eccentric, but he’s an excellent doctor. There’s nothing to worry about. Really.

BILL: Except that Tim might have a serious problem …

PAULA: We’ve just got to stay optimistic. Whatever the problem is, I’m sure we can all work through it together. Right?

CLAIRE: I hope so.

BILL: Me too.

Enter Dr. Smith.

DR. SMITH: Ah, good, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, you have arrived. I have some news about your son Tim.

PAULA: How is he?

DR. SMITH: His physical health is fine. He should have little or no trouble making a quick and complete recovery from the gunshot wound.

BILL: Thank goodness. When can we bring him home?

DR. SMITH: It’s not that simple, Mr. Fisher.

BILL: Why? I— I thought you said he was okay.

DR. SMITH: Physically, he is fine. But mentally …

PAULA: What?

DR. SMITH: I’m afraid that Tim is suffering from amnesia.

Out on Claire, Paula, and Bill’s shock.



Molly is driving home alone.

MOLLY: How can I face Craig after what just happened between Brent and I? I mean, he said there was nothing there … he didn’t feel anything, and it’s okay for him not to tell Sarah. But how can I go on with Craig knowing that I might have feelings for Brent? I just don’t know. (long beat) Maybe I should go back to talk to Brent and tell him how I feel. After all, it’s not like he won’t be around tomorrow.


Brent is driving to the chapel alone.

BRENT: Alright, I’ve got the rings. (quick beat) I can’t believe I’m getting married as soon as I get to the chapel. It’s so strange how Sarah suddenly sprung this on me … It’s like she’s scared she’ll lose me or something. (long beat) And that kiss with Molly … I didn’t think there was anything there, didn’t think I felt anything for you, but the more I think about it I’m not so sure. There was something there that I can still feel. (beat) But I have to get my mind off of that now. I’m gonna marry Sarah now.


Sarah is driving to the chapel alone.

SARAH: Okay, I have my dress all ready. I never would’ve guessed I could’ve gotten one so quickly. But who cares what I’m wearing? In a short while I’ll be Brent’s wife, and he’ll never think about Molly again.


Dr. Smith is speaking to Claire, Bill, and Paula. In progress.

BILL: What do you mean, amnesia?

PAULA: I thought you said—

DR. SMITH: I said that physically, he should make a simple and quick recovery. But mentally …

PAULA: How did this happen? How could a gunshot wound affect his memory?

CLAIRE: I can handle this one. It could’ve struck a nerve or something and sent some bizarre signal to the brain, you know. In short, it’s a complete freak thing.

DR. SMITH: That’s right. Honestly, I didn’t expect him to be amnesic.

BILL: What can we do about it? Can’t you treat it in any way?

DR. SMITH: The important part is that he’s out of physical danger. (beat) The best way to help him regain his memory is to simply try to spark his memory with items and people.

PAULA: Claire, why don’t you tell him all about your wedding and your baby?

DR. SMITH: Not a good idea. We also don’t want him to just believe any story so he can claim an identity. It’s a difficult situation.

PAULA: We’ve got to do something!

BILL: Paula, calm down! Come on …

Bill takes Paula into the background.

CLAIRE: Doctor, can I go in and see him?

DR. SMITH: Good luck.

Exit Claire.


Enter Claire.


TIM: Oh, hi … I hate to sound rude, but I didn’t catch your name. What is it again?

CLAIRE: I’m Claire. Hi.

TIM: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Claire starts to cry and turns away from Tim.

TIM: What— What’s wrong, Claire?

CLAIRE: Nothing … nothing at all. (long beat) Listen, I have to ask you an important question.

TIM: What is it?

CLAIRE: You have to give me an honest answer, okay?

TIM: Sure.

CLAIRE: Please don’t lie to me. It’ll only hurt more people.

TIM: Have I already hurt people? What did I do?

CLAIRE: You haven’t hurt anyone, Tim. (long beat) Do you have any idea who I am?

TIM: I think so.

Hold on Claire’s optimism.



Brent is standing, dressed in his tux, at the altar. The minister is nearby.

BRENT: (SOTTO VOCE) Sarah, come on … you’ve got to be ready by now.

MINISTER: Mr. Taylor, you seem a little nervous.

BRENT: I am. This is kind of sudden.

MINISTER: Have no fear. When God unites two people, they take the vows of undying love. God, in turn, while help them through the times, both good and bad, that may befall them. You are, of course, sure of your love for this woman?

BRENT: Yes, I am.

MINISTER: Then that’s all that truly matters.

BRENT: (THINKING) Except for the fact that I can’t get her sister out of my mind.


In progress.

CLAIRE: Do you have any idea who I am?

TIM: I think so.

CLAIRE: You do?! (beat) You know who I am?

TIM: Of course I do. (beat) You’re the nurse, right? (beat) Can you just explain one thing: Why am I here in the hospital?

Hold on Claire’s sadness.


Sarah is getting ready to walk down the aisle.

SARAH: (SOTTO VOCE) I can’t believe this all fell together so well. We were able to get the rings, the tux, the dress, and the marriage license in just a few hours. What counts is that in a few minutes, I will be Mrs. Brent Taylor, and Molly will never be able to ruin my happiness again!

The appointed witnesses enter.

FEMALE WITNESS: Ms. Fisher, we’re ready to begin.

SARAH: Okay, great. I’m ready.

Everyone takes their places. Hold on Sarah’s excitement as the wedding march begins to play.


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