Episode #08

Shortly After #07



Brent is reading a police report when Sarah walks into the corridor.

SARAH: Oh, Brent, I’m glad I found you! Something else happened with Molly last night!

BRENT: What – What was it?

SARAH: She was sitting in her room talking with a friend when a rock flew through the window—

BRENT: Sarah, that could’ve been a random prank.

SARAH: But the rock— it had her name scrawled all over it!

BRENT: Where is this rock?

SARAH: It’s at my parents’ house.

BRENT: Go get it. And keep Molly in the house, will you? But not alone!

SARAH: Consider me there.

Exit Sarah.


Courtney is dressed now, but still laying down. Her mother is packing her things.

HELEN: Courtney, that Shannon girl— It was very nice of her to come visit you. Are you friends with her?

COURTNEY: I’ve hardly ever spoken to her in my life!

HELEN: Maybe she just figured it would be appropriate to visit you and wish you well. What did she have to say?

COURTNEY: Oh, nothing too important.

COURTNEY: (THINKING) Mom, I wish I could tell you …


SHANNON: Cut the crap. I know you want Jason, and let me just tell you that I want him too. (beat) I will not let anything come between he and I, so you’d better back off …

COURTNEY: You have some nerve, coming in here like this—

SHANNON: Oh, go to hell. And don’t even think for one moment that he’ll ever skate with you again!

COURTNEY: You bitch! Get out of my room now!

Back to reality. Hold on Courtney’s frustration.


James is standing over the bed, Tim is stirring, and a nurse and Dr. Smith are staring at James.

DR. SMITH: What are you doing here, sir?

JAMES: I was— I was, uh … I was just visiting him, and …

DR. SMITH: Well, I’d better monitor him closely. Nurse, go fetch me a glass of lemonade with pepper in it!

NURSE: What?

DR. SMITH: It calms my nerves! Now go, woman! Chop, chop!

Exit the nurse.

JAMES: (THINKING) I’ve gotta get out of here before they figure out who I am. If Claire finds out I was behind this mess, she’ll hate me forever.



Sarah comes in through front door.

SARAH: Mom, Dad? (long beat) Mom, where are you? Dad?

She goes into the kitchen.

SARAH: What’s this? Oh, a note.

She reads it:

PAULA: (VOICEOVER) Sarah, Brent called us to say you were coming over. Dad and I went out, but Molly should be upstairs. Love, Mom.

SARAH: Molly! Molly!

She goes on the stairs.

SARAH: Molly! Molly, where are you?!?

She goes into Molly’s empty room.

SARAH: Molly! Molly … where are you?


Courtney is helping her mother pack the last of her things.

HELEN: I can’t believe you’re finally ready to home come, Courtney!

COURTNEY: Neither can I. I’ve been waiting forever.

HELEN: Your doctor said you can start physical therapy this week, so you should be pretty rehabilitated in a matter of months.

COURTNEY: I can’t wait to get back on the ice.

HELEN: Just be patient, honey. (beat) Don’t worry. After all, Jason will be waiting to skate with you the minute you get back, right?



Reenter the nurse.

NURSE: Dr. Smith, here’s your … lemonade … with pepper …

He gulps it down quickly.

DR. SMITH: Thank you, Nurse. Now, sir, I’m very sorry, but would you please go out to the waiting room?

JAMES: Sure.

James exits the room and goes into a hallway.

JAMES: That was close – good thing that crazy doctor had no clue who I was. Claire can never find out that I’m behind this.

He sees Claire, on duty as a nurse, coming down the hallway.

NURSE 2: Oh, Claire! How’s your last day before maternity leave going?

CLAIRE: Slowly.

NURSE 2: Well, I just heard something that might cheer you up – Tim is waking up.

CLAIRE: Really? Where’d you hear that?

NURSE 2: Another nurse told me. She was going to get something for Dr. Smith – lemonade with pepper, I think.

CLAIRE: It wouldn’t surprise me. He’s one weird guy. (quick beat) Well, listen, I’m gonna go see how Tim’s doing! I hope this is for real!

NURSE 2: Good luck.

James looks around quickly, peeking around the corner as Claire approaches.

JAMES: (SOTTO VOCE) I can’t let her find me here.

Hold on James glancing around nervously.



SARAH: Molly, Molly, where are you?!?

She heads out into the hallway.

SARAH: Maybe she’s taking a shower or something.

She tries the bathroom door and it opens. She goes in but finds no one in there.

SARAH: Molly, where are you? I’m really worried …


Brent is sitting at his desk. He reaches into a drawer and pulls out a small box.

BRENT: (THINKING) Should I do this? I don’t know. Maybe it’s too soon. Maybe—

His thoughts are interrupted by the door creaking open.

BRENT: What? (beat) Oh, who is it? Come on in!

The door opens fully.

BRENT: What are you doing here?

Hold on Brent’s shock.


Jason is talking to Sandy. In progress.

JASON: The good news is that Courtney is going home from the hospital today.

SANDY: Oh, really? When does she start physical therapy?

JASON: I’m not sure, but it must be pretty soon. She’s determined to recover quickly.

SANDY: The sooner the better. She’ll need a little time to feel comfortable on the ice again. I really hope she’s able to skate again.

JASON: The doctors are very optimistic about it.

SANDY: That’s great. At least this whole thing with Shannon has been working out. You’re okay with it, aren’t you?

JASON: Oh, yeah. She’s excellent. (beat) And it was really nice of her to go visit Courtney at the hospital this morning.

SANDY: They’re okay with each other?

JASON: Seems like it.

SANDY: Okay, then. Let’s get to work.


Shannon is driving alone.

SHANNON: (SOTTO VOCE) Courtney, don’t be stupid. Don’t even try to win Jason back. He’s my partner now, and soon I’ll make him love me. I just know it. If you tell him about any of this …


Claire walks around the corner and keeps going. The door of the janitor’s closet opens up and James steps out.

JAMES: That was too close. Now I’d better get out of here before she sees me.


Dr. Smith is examining Tim, who is shifting slightly. Enter Claire.

CLAIRE: Dr. Smith?

DR. SMITH: Oh, hello, Nurse. Your husband seems to be waking up.

CLAIRE: Yes, I know … one of the other nurses told me.

DR. SMITH: Would you like to assist me?

CLAIRE: Sure. What should I do?

DR. SMITH: Just try to talk to him. You know, maybe the sound of his wife’s voice will bring him to his senses.

CLAIRE: I hope so. (long beat) Tim, Tim! Can you hear me? It’s me, Claire! Tim, wake up …



Sarah calls Brent on the phone. Two-way conversation.

SARAH: Brent?

BRENT: Hi, Sarah.

SARAH: I’m at my parents’ house. My sister isn’t here. I have no idea where she is.

BRENT: Don’t worry. She just walked into my office.

SARAH: Should I come over?

BRENT: No, actually, go over to 54th Avenue. There’s a scene you could help out with.

SARAH: I’m on my way.

Sarah hangs up.


Molly is standing in the doorway. Brent rushes to stuff the small box back in his drawer.

MOLLY: Was that Sarah?

BRENT: Yeah – she was worried sick about you.

MOLLY: I was getting lonely at the house – I decided not to go to work – and I thought she’d be here. We must have just missed each other.

BRENT: Yeah, well, have a seat.

She does.

BRENT: How are you holding up?

MOLLY: Not well. I can’t think about anything but this … this madman. I keep having nightmares of some guy in a black ski mask coming into my room to kill me in the middle of the night.

BRENT: Nothing like that is gonna happen.

MOLLY: How can you be so sure?

BRENT: Just trust me. You need to have some faith.

MOLLY: How can I honestly believe that I’m perfectly safe while some crazy person is running around buying roses to give me before he kills me?

BRENT: Wait a second. You know, there weren’t any roses involved with this rock incident, right?

MOLLY: No, there weren’t.

BRENT: I wonder why. It was getting to be something of a trademark.

MOLLY: It probably got too expensive. (beat) My own stalker won’t even spend money on me. Look at my life, Brent. It’s pathetic. I’m all alone.

BRENT: You’ve got Craig, right?

MOLLY: Yeah, but he’s always working or away on business trips.

BRENT: Look, don’t put it in your head that there’s something wrong with you. This is in no way your fault. You’re a young, intelligent, beautiful woman, and there’s no reason you should have to live like this.

Hold on their faces as they look at each other, lingering.


Sandy and Jason are getting ready to leave the warming room when the door opens. Enter Courtney on crutches.

JASON: Courtney!


SANDY: Look at you … you’re finally out of the hospital, I see.


SANDY: How’s the leg feel?

COURTNEY: Not terrific, but I’m getting by.

JASON: So, what brings you here?

COURTNEY: My mom brought me here. We just wanted to come over and watch you and Shannon practice.

SANDY: Sounds like a good idea. Now come on, Jason we’ve got to get out there!

Jason and Sandy exit the room. As Courtney heads for the door, Shannon enters.

SHANNON: Oh, if it isn’t Courtney.

COURTNEY: Go to hell!

SHANNON: What are you doing here? Trying to steal Jason from me?

COURTNEY: What do you mean, "steal Jason"? You don’t have Jason! You’re his temporary partner and nothing more!

SHANNON: Shut up! Just shut up! Now get out!

COURTNEY: Consider me gone.

Courtney heads for the door.

SHANNON: Oh, and Courtney—


SHANNON: You’d better not tell anybody one word about these little conversations we’ve had, okay?

Exit Courtney.

SHANNON: (SOTTO VOCE) Don’t push it, Courtney. Don’t mess with me.



Molly and Brent are sitting on opposite sides of the desk. In progress.

MOLLY: Do you mean that, Brent?

BRENT: Well … yeah, I do. So many times, in cases like this, the victims blame themselves. But think about it: How could any of this be your fault?

MOLLY: I guess you’re right. (beat) Well, I should probably go home. It’s getting late.

BRENT: Back to your parents’ house, you mean?

MOLLY: Yeah. I’ll just go—


MOLLY: What?

BRENT: I will not let you go to that house alone, especially when it’s getting dark outside.

MOLLY: Where should I go? I can’t just hang out here. (beat) I’ll give Sarah a call to see if she’s almost done with that situation.

Molly calls Sarah on Brent’s phone. One-way conversation.

MOLLY: Hi, Sarah, it’s me. (pause) Are you almost through? (pause) Well, I’m still at the station with Brent.

BRENT: Let me talk to her.

Brent takes the phone from Molly. Two-way conversation.

BRENT: Sarah?

SARAH: Hi, Brent. What should we do about Molly?

BRENT: I’ve got an idea.

Fade away and close in on Molly in the foreground.

MOLLY: (THINKING) If only I could go to Craig’s … but he’s out of town. Look at me. I can’t even go home alone anymore.


Jason and Shannon step off the ice and Courtney approaches them to talk.

COURTNEY: You guys really looked great! You’ve been putting in a lot of time, I guess.

SHANNON: Yeah, we have. We just want everything to look great.

JASON: Sandy was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get everything together, but she said she’s very impressed with our progress. (beat) Well, I’m gonna go take my skates off. See you later, Courtney!


Shannon grabs Courtney to get her attention.

SHANNON: Listen to me, Courtney. I don’t want you to tell Jason a word of this. If you open your stupid little mouth, it’ll be the end of you.

Hold on Courtney’s anger.


Claire is talking to Tim, who is stirring slightly, while Dr. Smith is attending to him.

CLAIRE: Tim, Tim! Come on … please wake up, Tim. It’s me – Claire! Tim …

DR. SMITH: Do not shout at him, Nurse. You might startle him into something painful.

CLAIRE: But Doctor, I’m so frustrated. He has to wake up.

DR. SMITH: I know you’d like him to wake up, but it’s a natural process. Nothing we do will safely wake him.

CLAIRE: I know … I’m just so worried. What if he doesn’t wake up? What about me? What about our baby?

Hold on Claire as a tear forms in her eye.



Brent and Sarah are on the phone. Two-way conversation.

SARAH: Okay. What’s your idea?

BRENT: I’m amazed you two didn’t think of it: Why don’t we just send her to Craig’s?

SARAH: Actually, I did think of it. But he’s out of town.

BRENT: Oh great.

SARAH: Why don’t you take Molly to your place, and I’ll drop by later and pick her up?

BRENT: Okay … see you later. I love you.

SARAH: I love you, too. Bye.

Brent hangs up.

BRENT: Okay, we’ve got a plan.

MOLLY: What is it?

BRENT: You’re coming home with me.

Hold on Molly’s surprise.


Shannon and Courtney are arguing. In progress.

COURTNEY: You know what, Shannon? I am sick of you! Why can’t we just be civil about this?

SHANNON: Because I have had my eyes on Jason for so long, and he’s always been hanging around you. I finally have him to myself.

COURTNEY: Well, you know what? Your conniving has made me realize that I really do love Jason, and I will not let him go without a fight, okay?

SHANNON: If you want a fight, you’ve got one, okay?

COURTNEY: Fine. I am gonna be back on the ice before you know it, and Jason will come running back to me.

SHANNON: Oh, grow up. He’s with me now.

COURTNEY: That doesn’t mean he likes you. (beat) Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going home.

Exit Courtney.

SHANNON: (SOTTO VOCE) Courtney, how many times do I have to tell you? Jason is mine!


In progress.

DR. SMITH: Don’t worry, Nurse.

CLAIRE: You can call me Claire, Dr. Smith.

DR. SMITH: Okay, Nurse. Don’t worry. I’m sure Mr. Fisher will wake up and you’ll be one big happy family with your baby.

CLAIRE: I really hope so. You don’t know how much I pray that can happen. But it’s hard to keep faith in something if the situation never gets any better. (long beat) Tim, Tim! Oh, Tim … wake up, please!

Tim stirs and slightly opens his eyes.

CLAIRE: Tim, Tim! You’re awake! Dr. Smith, Tim woke up! Oh, Tim! How do you feel?

TIM: Excuse me … (long beat) Do I know you?


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