Episode #07

Immediately After and then the Morning Following #06



Courtney is lying in the bed and Jason is sitting in a chair nearby. Conversation in progress.

JASON: Well, the important thing is that you’re getting out of here tomorrow morning. You’ll be back on the ice in no time.

COURTNEY: I hope so. (beat) Hey, have you talked to your mom much in the last few days?

JASON: Not too much. Whenever I’m home, she’s out, and vice versa. Why?

COURTNEY: Oh, no reason.

JASON: No, really. Is there something she’s supposed to tell me?

Hold on Courtney’s deliberating.


Claire is sitting on the couch, watching TV.

CLAIRE: (THINKING) My entire life is falling apart. My dad comes back, Tim gets shot … I hope he wakes up before this baby is born. He just has to. (beat) Now, if they could only find out who shot him …

Knock on front door. Claire opens up the door.

CLAIRE: What are you doing here?

Hold on Claire’s shock.


Molly is screaming, Kristen is on the floor, the window is smashed, and the door opens.

MOLLY: Who’s there??

Door opens fully. Enter Paula.

PAULA: What’s going on up here?

She looks around.

PAULA: Oh my God!

MOLLY: Something flew – I don’t – Kristen got hit …

PAULA: Honey, you’re not making sense!

MOLLY: Call 911, quick – I think Kristen’s really hurt!

PAULA: Just keep an eye on her and I’ll go call.

Exit Paula.

MOLLY: Oh, Kristen, you’ve gotta wake up – please …

Out on Molly’s face, quivering.



Conversation in progress.

JASON: Is there something she’s supposed to tell me?

COURTNEY: No, it’s nothing. I was just wondering.

JASON: Whatever you say. (long beat) Well, I should go. I’ve gotta get up early to go to the rink, and then I have classes later in the day.

COURTNEY: Go ahead. I’m gonna try to get some rest.

JASON: I’ll come visit you tomorrow – at home, of course.

COURTNEY: I’ll be waiting.

JASON: OK, bye.


Exit Jason.

COURTNEY: (SOTTO VOCE) Jason, if you only knew how I felt about you …

Hold on Courtney’s determination.


Claire is standing, facing James at the front door.

CLAIRE: What—Why are you here?!?

JAMES: I just wanted to come pay my little girl a visit. Nothing wrong with that, I hope?

CLAIRE: Oh – oh, no, of course not. Sit down.

JAMES: So, how’s that idiot husband of yours doing?

CLAIRE: Tim is not an idiot. (beat) But a couple of nights ago, he was shot, and he’s at the hospital unconscious right now.

JAMES: Too bad.

CLAIRE: I hope he wakes up before the baby is born. Otherwise I’m gonna have some difficulties, to say the least.

JAMES: I’ll tell you what. Leave him right there, move to New York with me, and never worry about him again.

CLAIRE: How can you say something like that?!?

JAMES: It’s not too hard. (long beat) I never understood why you didn’t stay with Ryan. He would’ve been a husband I’d approve of.

CLAIRE: I couldn’t spend my life with Ryan …

Claire starts to cry.

JAMES: Why? Give me one good reason.

CLAIRE: No … I can’t …

JAMES: Give me one reason why you couldn’t.

CLAIRE: He … he – he raped me!

Hold on James’s shock.


Paula rushes back into the room.

MOLLY: Come on, Kristen, wake up.

Kristen groggily picks her head up off the floor.

MOLLY: Kristen! Kristen – you’re awake!

PAULA: Kristen, are you okay?

KRISTEN: Yeah, I think so. (long beat) What happened?

MOLLY: I’m not really sure. Someone threw a rock through the window or something. It hit you …

KRISTEN: Is everyone else okay?

MOLLY: I’m fine – just a little shaken up.

PAULA: Should I stop the paramedics from coming over?

KRISTEN: Yeah, I’m okay. Just a headache and a sore arm.

PAULA: Okay. I’ll be right back, then.

Exit Paula.

KRISTEN: How did that happen? Do you think it was just some juvenile delinquents or something?

MOLLY: Yeah. It’s probably—

She stops and stares at the rock.

MOLLY: Oh no.

KRISTEN: Molly, what’s wrong?!?

MOLLY: Look … look at the rock … oh …

Hold on rock, which has Molly’s name written all over it.



Courtney is in the bed, sitting up.

COURTNEY: I wish I could tell Jason how I really feel about him. But it would probably just complicate everything even more.


Conversation in progress.

JAMES: What do you mean, he raped you? How could he— you never … That bastard! I’ll kill him!

CLAIRE: No, Daddy, please. It was too painful … I’ve never really told anyone …

JAMES: Not even your mother?

CLAIRE: Well, no.

JAMES: What about Tim?

CLAIRE: Um … (beat) I did tell him. That was the reason I didn’t want to move to Chicago.

JAMES: Then why was he forcing you to move, if he knew all about it?

CLAIRE: He wasn’t. Just before he was shot he told me that we could stay here, that my happiness was more important than his career.

JAMES: Oh, no.

CLAIRE: What? What’s wrong?

JAMES: Oh, nothing. (long beat) Wow. Are you sure you’ll be okay?

CLAIRE: Positive. I’ve lived with this for years.

JAMES: Okay. Well, I have to go take care of some business now, but if you need me …

CLAIRE: I’ll call. Don’t worry.

He hugs her.

JAMES: I love you. I’ll be back later. Bye.


James leaves the apartment.

CLAIRE: (SOTTO VOCE) Why was my dad in such a hurry to get out of here all of a sudden?


James is standing just outside the door.

JAMES: (SOTTO VOCE) I’ve gotta make sure that Claire doesn’t find out it was me who ordered the hit on Tim!


KRISTEN: It has your name all over it!

MOLLY: Oh, no! This must mean … he’s after me again!

KRISTEN: How do you know it’s a guy?

MOLLY: The evidence that the police took pointed to it being a guy … Mom! Mom!

Enter Paula.

PAULA: What is it? What—

MOLLY: The rock— It has my name written all over it— That means this guy is …

PAULA: Don’t worry, honey. You’re safe here.

MOLLY: But Mom, I’m not. He could be anywhere. What if he’s at my office tomorrow and he gets me there?

PAULA: Don’t even think about things like that. Just try to relax.

MOLLY: Mom, I can’t relax. This guy is after me, and he won’t stop until he gets me.

PAULA: We’ll keep him away, Molly. Sarah and Brent will get you full-time protection.

The door creaks open slowly.

MOLLY: (THINKING) Oh no, it’s him …

Out on the door.




Jason, Sandy, and Shannon are talking near the ice.

SHANNON: So Jason, how’s Courtney doing?

JASON: Her mom is gonna bring her home from the hospital later today.

SHANNON: Oh … I should go visit her, just as a kind gesture. You know …

JASON: She’d love that. The hospital is just such a lonely place – she’s been getting really down on herself.

SANDY: Well, just keep reminding her that as soon as that thing heals she can get back out on the ice. That should be some kind of incentive to recuperate quickly.

JASON: I think it’s all she has right now.

SHANNON: That reminds me, Sandy, I have to leave early today.

SANDY: Sure. Why don’t we get started now, then?

They step onto the ice.


Bill and Paula are sitting at the table.

BILL: So how’s Molly doing after what happened last night?

PAULA: Terribly. She’s not taking it well at all. And she had made such progress. (beat) I’ll tell you, when Jason came into the bedroom last night she was convinced it was this stalker. She thinks he’s everywhere.

BILL: Poor girl. I just hope this guy doesn’t try to get into our house.

PAULA: Sarah said that Brent is arranging for full protection.

BILL: Okay, good. She should be safe all day at work, as long as she’s always around people.

PAULA: Yeah, that’s a good point.

BILL: What are we gonna do, Paula? What are we gonna do? Our children are all having such difficult times lately …

PAULA: Not Sarah. She and Brent are doing very well together. And Jason …

BILL: What about Jason?

PAULA: Well, you can’t tell him this, but Courtney said something that I’ve been dying to tell him. Only she’s sworn me to secrecy.

BILL: Well, what is it? I promise I won’t tell Jason!

PAULA: Courtney told me … that she … well, she likes Jason as much more than a friend. She’s just afraid to tell him because she thinks it might make things very awkward.

Hold on Bill’s surprise as he cracks a grin.


Tim is laying in the bed, alone in the room. Fade into a dream: Tim is alone.

TIM: Claire, Claire, where are you? Claire!

CLAIRE: I’m right here, honey. I’m right here. (beat) But I have to tell you something.

TIM: What is it?

CLAIRE: I’m leaving you, Tim. You’ve disappointed me so much lately. Good-bye.

TIM: No, Claire – Claire! What about our baby? What about our future? What about us?

CLAIRE: Good-bye, Tim …

Fade back into the hospital room. Enter James.

JAMES: (SOTTO VOCE) Well, well, if it isn’t my son-in-law. It’s time to put an end to this mess.



COURTNEY: (THINKING) Mom, where are you? I can’t wait to get out of this place and get home.

Enter Shannon.

SHANNON: Courtney? Hi.

COURTNEY: Shannon? What’re you doing here?

SHANNON: I thought I’d better pay you a visit before you went home.

COURTNEY: Oh, you really didn’t have to—

SHANNON: Cut the crap. I know you want Jason, and let me just tell you that I want him too. (beat) I will not let anything come between he and I, so you’d better back off …

COURTNEY: You have some nerve, coming in here like this—

SHANNON: Oh, go to hell. And don’t even think for one moment that he’ll ever skate with you again!

COURTNEY: You bitch! Get out of my room now!

Enter Courtney’s mom.

HELEN: Hi, Courtney. (beat) Oh, I see you have company.

SHANNON: Hi, I’m Shannon Parish, Jason’s new partner. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Chase.

COURTNEY: Well, Shannon, if you’ll excuse us, my mom and I have a lot to take care of before I can go home.

SHANNON: Well, I’ll just be on my way. See you later, Courtney.

Exit Shannon. Hold on Courtney’s disgust.


Bill and Paula are speaking when Molly walks in, just awake.

PAULA: How are you doing, honey? Did you sleep well?

MOLLY: I didn’t sleep at all. (long beat) I couldn’t stop thinking about ...

BILL: Don’t even bother with it. Now why don’t you call in sick today and spend the day at home? I’m going to take the day off anyway.

MOLLY: Actually, I’d really like to go to work and see Craig. That’ll cheer me up and get my mind off this.

BILL: Go ahead. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

PAULA: Don’t worry, Molly – the police have this under control. No one will get hurt.

MOLLY: I’m just thankful that Kristen wasn’t injured. I never would have forgiven myself if one of my best friends was hurt by something intended for me.

PAULA: Yes, it is fortunate that no one was hurt. And no one will be hurt. This mess will be cleared up in no time.

MOLLY: I sure hope so.


James is standing over Tim’s bed.

JAMES: Come on, Tim, you’ve gotta wake up. If I hadn’t thought you were putting my daughter in danger, I never would have ordered a hit on you. But I guess it’s too late for "if’s" now. Please wake up. It’s the only way I can make my little girl happy.

Tim begins to stir slightly. His machines begin to beep. Enter a nurse.

NURSE: Dr. Smith, come quickly! Tim Fisher is coming to!

Enter Dr. Smith. Both he and the nurse take notice of James.

DR. SMITH: And just what do you think you are doing here, sir?

Out on James’s hesitation.


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