Episode #11

Several Days After #10



Tim is sitting shirtless on a bed when Diane enters.

DIANE: I’m ready, Tim.

TIM: Perfect. (beat) This is gonna be a night you’ll never forget, Diane.

DIANE: I’m sure it will be. You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this – to have you all to myself. I stood on the sidelines for so long, hoping you’d think of me as more than just your boss …

Tim stands to face her.

TIM: I did. And now that I’ve seen how stupid it was to ignore you for so long, I’m ready to make it up to you.

They fall into a deep kiss. Pan down to their feet. Diane’s robe falls to the ground. Fade back to reality.


Diane is sitting at her desk, feet propped up on the desk.

DIANE: It won’t be long now, Tim … no, it won’t.


Claire and Paula are having lunch. Conversation in progress.

PAULA: I’m worried, too, dear. But Tim’s amnesia has to go away at some point. There must be something we can do to jog it a little.

CLAIRE: That’s the frustrating part. I keep trying to drop hints, but he’s not picking up on them. And Dr. Smith told me not to just tell him everything – it might not work.

PAULA: I’d hate to think you’ll have to wait another few weeks, but perhaps the birth of your child will spark his memory.

CLAIRE: I don’t know, but I’ve been visiting him as much as I can, just trying to set something – anything — off inside his mind. (long beat) I just hope it’ll work.


Molly is working at her desk. Enter Craig.

CRAIG: So, how’s your first day back on the job going?

MOLLY: Not too badly.

CRAIG: Did you have any trouble coming back in the office?

MOLLY: Not really. I’ll just have to be more careful, I guess.

She stands and turns away from him.

CRAIG: This guy could be anywhere, Molly. You really do have to watch out.

A tear falls down Molly’s cheek.

MOLLY: I know … I know, Craig.

He moves closer to console her.

CRAIG: Don’t worry, baby … I’ll protect you.

She huddles close to him.

CRAIG: That’s right. Nothing to be scared of now … as long as we’re together, Molly …



In progress. Craig is holding Molly as she cries.

MOLLY: I was so close to dying, Craig! If you hadn’t saved me …

CRAIG: Don’t think about dying, Molly. It won’t help you. As long as we’re together, nothing bad can happen to you. It won’t.

Molly opens her mouth, but just bursts further into tears.

CRAIG: At least you had no serious injuries. No one else got hurt. We should just take it as a warning. Never let our guard down, you know?

MOLLY: Yeah, I do. (long beat) Oh, Craig, you don’t know how much it means to me to have you here with me all the time!

CRAIG: I’ll always be here for you. There’s no need to worry …


Paula and Claire’s conversation in progress.

PAULA: I’m sure he’ll get his memory back soon. How long can he remain unaware of his own life? Eventually, he’ll have to leave the hospital and go home, and it most definitely will be then that he begins to remember everything he shares with you.

CLAIRE: It just sounds like something on TV, doesn’t it? (beat) The thing that has me more baffled than anything else is the question of who shot him. No money or valuables were taken from him, and no one has been able to think up a motive that anyone would have for shooting Tim.

PAULA: There’s something to this that we’re just not seeing, you know. (beat) There’s obviously a piece of the puzzle missing somewhere – the question is where?


They are packing their suitcases.

BRENT: I can’t believe our honeymoon is over already.

SARAH: Maybe the trip is over, but we’ll be as happy as we are now forever.

BRENT: Marrying you was the most spontaneous thing I have ever done.

SARAH: I bet you don’t regret it, though?

BRENT: No, I don’t. I hope I’ve found my eternal happiness right here.

They kiss.

BRENT: I’m one lucky guy.

SARAH: Nothing can come between us, right?

BRENT: Right you are. (beat) I love you, Mrs. Taylor.

SARAH: And I love you, Mr. Taylor.

They kiss deeply and fall back onto the bed. Fade into suitcase.


Diane is driving alone.

DIANE: (SOTTO VOCE) Just wait, Tim. You getting amnesia was the best thing that ever happened to me. And believe me, I’m gonna take full advantage of the situation. I’m gonna pay you a visit that you’ll never forget.



Sarah and Brent are flying home. Conversation in progress.

SARAH: I can’t wait to get home so I can start planning our reception!

BRENT: Is your mom gonna help you with that?

SARAH: I hope so. I’m just worried about how my dad is gonna take all this.

BRENT: I’m sure he’ll understand, Sarah. When two people are in love, there’s no holding them back. Right?

SARAH: I guess so. (beat) There’s nothing that can come between us now, huh?

They kiss. As they pull away, Brent looks into Sarah’s face with shock. He sees Molly’s face and then continues kissing her.


Molly walks up to the door just as Craig steps through it.

MOLLY: Ready for lunch?


MOLLY: Where should we go?

CRAIG: Well, we should find someplace close by. I’ve got a lot of work to do.

MOLLY: Sure. (quick beat) You know what? I’ll run down to the main floor and ask the receptionist if there are any places around here for us to go.

CRAIG: Good idea. I’ve just gotta make a quick call. I’ll meet you down there, okay?

MOLLY: Sure thing. Bye.

CRAIG: Love you.

They kiss and Molly walks down the hall.

MOLLY: Did he just say he loves me?


Claire is helping Paula with the garden.Conversation in progress.

CLAIRE: It’s just amazing how great this garden looks. You must be very dedicated to it, Paula.

PAULA: I guess so. (beat) But it’s more out of a need for something to do.

CLAIRE: What do you mean?

PAULA: Since Tim and Molly and Sarah all moved out, I’ve been kinda … well, I’ve been lonely. True, Jason’s still here, but between skating and school he’s hardly here anyway. Molly’s moved back in, but … well, she’s so preoccupied by work, and Craig, and this awful stalking business.

CLAIRE: So that’s it, huh?

PAULA: It’s not just the fact that they’re gone. I mean, Molly and Sarah are always coming to me to talk, and I get to see Jason a lot. As for Tim, I can just go over to your place for a visit … under normal circumstances, anyway.

CLAIRE: Tim being shot and getting amnesia has caused everyone a lot of pain.

PAULA: Yes, it has. (long beat) And that’s part of it, too. I see Tim lying there in a hospital bed, not knowing who he is, where he lives, who’s important to him, or even that he has a baby on the way. Jason blames himself everyday for what happened to Courtney. I see Molly being threatened, getting a small bomb in her office, and then marching out back into the world so bravely. (beat) I just wish that I could hold them in my arms, whisper to them, make it all better again. But I can’t … and that’s what hurts most sometimes.

Paula starts to cry. Claire puts a hand on her shoulder and they sit on the bench.

PAULA: I know we’re all going through difficult times, and I hate to sound selfish. But I just wish I could take away everything in their lives and make them little again.

CLAIRE: I understand. But that’s how a mother is supposed to feel. As long as I’ve known you, and obviously before that, you’ve been a wonderful mother and friend to your children. (quick beat) I just hope that someday soon I can be like that for my child.

PAULA: I know you’ll be a terrific mother, Claire. I know you will.

CLAIRE: Thanks. That means a lot to me.

Claire stands.

CLAIRE: But my biggest concern is: Will my child ever really know his or her father? Will they be able to do all the things that fathers do for their kids? And, if need be, can I raise a child on my own?

PAULA: Hopefully it won’t get to that point.

CLAIRE: But what if it does? What will I do then?

PAULA: Claire, you mustn’t fill your head with all these negative thoughts. Just have faith that Tim will recover soon.

CLAIRE: I do, but sometimes it’s so difficult to actually believe it.

PAULA: I know it is. (beat) Why don’t we go pay him a visit?

CLAIRE: Should we? I already went to see him this morning …

PAULA: What harm can it do? Hospital patients – especially ones that don’t remember anything about their lives – love to get visitors, after all.

CLAIRE: Good point. Okay, let’s go.

Exit Claire and Paula.


Molly is standing by the elevator. The elevator doors open and Craig steps out.

CRAIG: Hello again.

MOLLY: Hey. The receptionist told me about a place that’s just down the block – it’s new, I guess.

CRAIG: Great! Let’s go.

Craig begins to walk.

MOLLY: Wait!

Craig turns around.

CRAIG: What is it?

MOLLY: When we were in the hall upstairs, did you tell me you love me?

CRAIG: Yes, I did.

MOLLY: Do you mean that?

CRAIG: With all my heart and soul.

MOLLY: Wow …

They kiss.

CRAIG: (THINKING) More than you can imagine, Molly. I love you that much.



Tim is in the bed. Enter Jason.


TIM: Hi. How’d you know my name?

JASON: Let’s just say that I know you. (beat) Do you remember me?

TIM: No, I can’t say I do.

JASON: Well, I wanted to come visit you and talk and see how you’re feeling.

TIM: Thanks a lot. What’s your name?

JASON: Jason.

TIM: Nice to meet you— I mean— You know—

JASON: Don’t worry about it. So, how’s life in the hospital?

TIM: Not too fun. Pretty boring, actually. I’d love to go home.

JASON: Have you spoken to the doctor about it?

TIM: Not yet. I’m planning to start dropping hints, though.

JASON: Good idea.

TIM: I had the weirdest dream last night – I was in some apartment, and—

JASON: Hold on. What did this place look like?

TIM: I distinctly remember that there was a light brown sofa and a glass coffee table. There was a pretty big TV, and this chair …

JASON: What chair?

TIM: Well, there was this chair that was the most comfortable thing I’ve ever sat in. I mean, I didn’t actually sit in it, but in the dream I did, and—

JASON: What happened in this dream?

TIM: That’s the part that’s especially weird. Nothing really happened. I was sitting in the chair watching TV for a while, and then the phone rang. Here’s where it actually gets a little interesting: The phone was ringing, and as I got up to answer it, this woman came in to answer it.

JASON: Who was she?

TIM: One of the nurses here. If that dream is any indicator, I think I’m really starting to like her.

Hold on Jason’s shock.


Brent hands a glass to the flight attendant.

SARAH: It can’t be long before we land in King’s Bay.

BRENT: Are you excited?

SARAH: Yeah, I am. Actually, I’m a huge jumble of emotions. I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m thrilled, I’m worried …

BRENT: Don’t worry, Sarah. The important thing is that we’re together.

SARAH: Yeah, you’re right.

Sarah pictures a flashing image of Brent and Molly kissing.

SARAH: The most important thing is definitely that we’re together, Brent.

They kiss.


Claire is driving and Paula is in the passenger seat. Conversation in progress.

CLAIRE: I get so frustrated when I go to see Tim.

PAULA: Because he doesn’t recognize you?

CLAIRE: Not only that. It’s also that he knows me as one of the nurses and thinks of me as kind of a friend, which is so close to remembering me, but still so far …

PAULA: Why don’t you just tell him the truth?

CLAIRE: I can’t do that! Dr. Smith said—

PAULA: Who cares? The man’s nuts anyway!

Claire laughs.

PAULA: (CONT’D) I mean, really, why can’t you just confess that you’re his wife? What’s the big deal? It’s the truth, right? It’s not like you’d be falsely leading him on!

CLAIRE: That’s a good point. (beat) But what if Dr. Smith figures out that I told him? After all, I’m still on staff at the hospital.

PAULA: Just tell him that Tim began to remember and you aided him.

CLAIRE: You’re right, Paula – let’s do it.

Hold on Claire’s anxiety.



Molly is sitting at her desk. Enter Craig.

CRAIG: Molly, I love you. I love you more than words can say. Now that you know that, I also want you to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Molly gasps.

CRAIG: So, Molly Fisher, will you marry me?

Enter Brent.

BRENT: No, Molly, wait! What about me?

CRAIG: What about you?

BRENT: You didn’t tell him, Molly?

MOLLY: No. I—uh, I didn’t.

CRAIG: Tell me what?

BRENT: Molly, I told Sarah that I couldn’t be with her without knowing how you felt about me.

MOLLY: Brent, I—

CRAIG: What’s it gonna be, Molly? Will you be my wife?

BRENT: No, come with me! Remember that kiss?

CRAIG: Molly! Molly! Molly …

Quickly fade back to reality.


Craig is standing in front of the desk, waving his hand in front of Molly’s face.

CRAIG: Molly?!? Molly!

Molly snaps back to reality.

MOLLY: Oh – uh, what is it?

CRAIG: I just need to print something out in here. My printer’s busted.

MOLLY: Go ahead. You know how to work it, I presume?

CRAIG: Sure do. (beat) What’s wrong? You look awfully distracted.

MOLLY: Oh, it’s nothing. Just daydreaming.

CRAIG: About what?

MOLLY: You, of course.

She smiles at him as he sits down at the computer.

MOLLY: (THINKING) Not to mention my sister’s husband …

CRAIG: Hey, you’ve got a message on your voicemail – the light is flashing.

MOLLY: Oh, wow – I must’ve just walked right by it.

She goes over to it and presses the button.

DISGUISED VOICE: Molly, I know you’re there if you’re listening to this message.

Craig jumps to his feet and hugs Molly. Hold on her fright.


Bill’s car pulls into the driveway and he gets out.

BILL: I guess Paula must be out. Well, somebody’s bound to get home sooner or later …

He goes into the house.


Brent is driving and Sarah is in the passenger seat. Conversation in progress.

BRENT: I still can’t believe everything that’s happened in the past few days. Our honeymoon went by like that.

He snaps his fingers.

SARAH: Tell me about it! I’m still trying to get over the fact that we got married!

BRENT: It does seem kinda weird, doesn’t it?

SARAH: Definitely.

She stares out the window.

SARAH: Can we stop by my parents’ house before we head back to your place?

BRENT: Our place.

SARAH: Our place. Of course. (quick beat) So, can we?

BRENT: Sure thing. We’ll just swing by, okay?

SARAH: Okay.

BRENT: You sure you’re ready to face everybody?

SARAH: As ready as I’ll ever be.


Jason and Tim are speaking. Conversation in progress.

JASON: Which nurse was it?

TIM: This nurse named Claire.

Jason stands up.

TIM: (CONT’D) Where’re you going?

JASON: I just remembered – I’ve gotta make a call. I’ll be right back, okay?

TIM: Sure, I guess.

Exit Jason.


JASON: I’ve gotta call Claire and tell her about this.

He runs over to the payphone, slips in a quarter, and dials.

JASON: Dammit – she’s not home!

He hangs up.

JASON: I guess I’d better get back to Tim, then.


The receptionist hangs up the phone. Enter Diane.

DIANE: Excuse me, could you tell me what room Tim Fisher is staying in?

RECEPTIONIST: Just a moment. Let me check.

The receptionist shuffles through some papers.

RECEPTIONIST: Room 221. Just take this elevator to the second floor. When you step out, it’s the fourth door on the right.

DIANE: Thanks a lot.

Diane goes over to the elevator and pushes the button. She waits.

DIANE: It’s time to jog your memory, Tim.



Brent’s car pulls out. Brent and Sarah step out and walk up onto the doorstep.

SARAH: This is it …

BRENT: How do you feel?

SARAH: Anxious. Just very anxious.

She rings the doorbell. Bill opens the door.

SARAH: Hi, Daddy.


Craig is hugging Molly as they listen to the message:

DISGUISED VOICE: I know you’re there, Molly. I know you’re waiting for me. But it won’t be long now.

Molly looks up at Craig.

DISGUISED VOICE: (CONT’D) ‘Cause I’m coming for you. And before you know it, I’ll be there. I’m coming for you.

Molly bursts into tears.

DISGUISED VOICE: (CONT’D) I’ll see you soon, Molly. (beat) I love you.

Machine turns off. Molly and Craig exchange frightened looks.


DIANE: (SOTTO VOCE) Tim, in just a few short minutes you’ll be mine forever. I guarantee you, you’ll be mine forever. (beat) Forever.


Claire and Paula push the elevator button and wait.

PAULA: Claire, in just a few minutes you’ll be one giant step closer to putting this family back together again.

CLAIRE: I hope so. (long beat) But I just can’t shake this feeling that something’s gonna go wrong.

Paula gives her a look of confusion. Out on Claire’s worry.


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