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Character Actor Years
Paula Cardwell Fisher Erika Slezak 1997-present
Molly Fisher Taylor Vanessa Marcil 1997-present
Sarah Fisher Taylor Gray Christie Clark 1997-present
Brent Taylor Michael Dietz 1997-2011
  Patrick Muldoon 2011-present
Tim Fisher Roark Critchlow 1997-2001; 2004-present
Claire Robbins Fisher Kristian Alfonso 1997-present
Jason Fisher Daniel Cosgrove 1997-99; 2005-present

Shane West 1999-2005
Courtney Chase Fisher Jordana Brewster 1997-2009; 2011
Bill Fisher Nicolas Coster 1997-1999
  Don Hastings 1999-2015
Sandy James Lynn Herring 1997-2015
James Robbins Kale Browne 1997-98
Shannon Parish
(a.k.a. Sabrina Gage)
Heather Tom 1997-98

Maitland Ward 1998-99

Olivia Wilde 2007-2009
Craig Simmons Daniel Markel 1997-98
Dr. Smith Stuart Damon 1997-99
Helen Chase Jaime Lyn Bauer 1998-present
Diane Bishop Lisa Rinna 1998-99; 2001-present
Don Chase Larry Bryggman 1998-present
Brian Hamilton Christian J. Leblanc 1998-99
  Scott Holroyd 2002-2008
Lauren Brooks Rebecca Budig 1998-2012; 2013; 2015
Travis Fisher (unnamed child actors) 1998-2007
  Luke Benward 2007

Hunter Parrish 2007-present
Dave Roberts Roger Howarth 1998-99
Danielle Taylor Kelly Rutherford 1998-2000; 2001; 2005
  Kelly Rowan 2006-present
Josh Taylor Dax Griffin 1998

Jacob Young 2000; 2004-2012; 2014; 2015
Bob Taylor Clint Ritchie 1998; 2000; 2005; 2012; 2014; 2015
Katherine Fitch Moriani Millicent Martin 1998-2007; 2012; 2015
Andy Fitch Ingo Rademacher 1998-2001; 2007; 2012; 2015
Samantha Fisher (unnamed child actors) 1999-2007
  Ashley Marie Greiner 2007

Allie Grant 2007-2011
  Ashley Tarlov 2011-present
Andrea Yang Kelly Hu 1999; 2002; 2005
Steve Parker Jason Brooks 1999
Matt Gray Michael Rodrick 1999-present
Sally Marshall Maeve Kinkead 1999-2002
Roberta Owens Dominique Jennings 1999
Ryan Moriani Scott Reeves 1999-2003
  Rick Hearst 2003-2015
Nick Moriani John Aniston 1999-2006; 2007
Alex Marshall Jason-Shane Scott 1999-2003
  Justin Bruening 2003-2008

Bryce Johnson 2008-present
Stan Lincoln Nick Benedict 2000; 2001-02; 2004
Victoria Gray (unnamed child actors) 2000-2007
  Darcy Rose Byrnes 2007

Ali Lohan 2007-2010

Lexi Ainsworth 2010-present
Maggie Collins Hudson Julie Pinson 2001
Eric Westin Paul Leyden 2001-03; 2006; 2011
Camille Lemieux Eileen Fulton 2002-2007
Jennie Burkle
Maris Domingo
  Mischa Barton 2004

Charity Rahmer
Trevor Brooks Josh Duhamel 2002-08; 2012-present
Dylan Carrington Thad Luckinbill 2002-05
Julian St. John Paul Taylor 2003-05; 2010-2011
Scotty Young Eric Winter 2004-05
Kelsey Barker Elizabeth Hendrickson 2004-05
Jake Gray Jon Hensley 2004-05; 2006; 2008; 2015
Mia Davich Gray Stacey Dash 2004-05; 2006; 2008; 2015
Tenille Elizabeth Hubbard 2004-2007; 2012
Marj Marj Dusay 2004-2007; 2012
Dar Darlene Conley 2004-2007; 2012
Ed Burkle Josh Taylor 2005
Seth Ashby Jensen Ackles 2005; 2006-2009
Caleb Taylor (unnamed child actors) 2005-present
Christian Taylor (unnamed child actors) 2005-present
Miriam Frost Bai Ling 2005; 2008; 2009
Cliff Burkett Robert Kelker-Kelly 2006; 2007
Lola Bouvier Shar Jackson 2006
Rosalyn Brooks Colleen Dion 2007-2011
  Lesli Kay 2012-2016
Patrick Brooks John Callahan 2007-present
Elly Vanderbilt Willa Holland 2007-2014; 2015
Landon Esco David Henrie 2007-present
Graham Colville Peter Bergman 2008-2012
Philip Ragan Greg Vaughan 2008-2015; 2016
Amelia Lau Brenda Song 2008
Sophie Fisher (unnamed child actor) 2008-present
Cassandra Ward Yvonna Kopacz-Wright 2008-2010
Tempest Banks KeKe Palmer 2009-present
Loretta Ragan Brenda Dickson 2009-2011
JD Robinson Mykel Shannon Jenkins 2009-2010
Tony DeMaio Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino 2010
Kathleen Bundy Kim Zimmer 2010; 2015; 2016-present
Spencer Ragan Beau Mirchoff 2010-present
Natalie Bishop Gina Tognoni 2010-2011; 2012-present
Bree Halston Darcy Rose Byrnes 2010-2011; 2012-present
Liam Cassel James Scott 2012-2013
  Joseph Morgan 2014-2015
Billy Fisher (unnamed child actor) 2012-present
Jimmy Trask Shawn Christian 2012-present
Keith Huff Michael Muhney 2013-2014
Cameron Kelley Eric Nelsen 2013-2015
Rosie Jimenez Christian Serratos 2015-present
Sabrina Gage Eden Riegel 2015-present
Conrad Halston
Matthew Ashford
Yvette Banks Sherri Shepherd 2016-present
Zennosuke "Zane" Tanaka Christopher Sean 2016-present




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