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Since 1997, Footprints has told the tales of
the Fisher siblings -- Tim, Molly, Sarah, and
Jason, and Ryan, the brother they never knew
they had. From romance to mystery to grand adventure, Footprints follows in the tradition of television's great daytime dramas, spinning a
story with no end in sight...

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The Story Continues

The sun creeps over the horizon, and faint brushstrokes of color stretch across the sky as dawn breaks over King’s Bay. 

In the waiting area of the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, the first thing Tempest Banks sees when she cracks her eyes open are the harsh fluorescent lights overhead. Squinting against the unexpected visual assault, she cranes her neck until she spots Claire Fisher in a nearby chair, a magazine in her hands.

“Looks like you got some sleep,” Claire says when she notices that Tempest is awake. 

“Yeah.” The word comes out as more of a croak. Tempest swallows hard, then sits up and tries to shake off the fuzziness of her slumber.

Claire sets down the magazine on a small, short end table. “Your mom is out of surgery."

“And she’s okay?"

“She’s hanging in there. They have her listed as being in critical condition right now. It’s too soon to know more."

Tempest lets that sink in as she looks around. Everything about the waiting room feels less urgent, less frantic, than it did last night. Maybe because the news of Yvette’s car accident was such a shock then, or maybe because that’s how things are around here in the mornings. 

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