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Since 1997, Footprints has told the tales of
the Fisher siblings -- Tim, Molly, Sarah, and
Jason, and Ryan, the brother they never knew
they had. From romance to mystery to grand adventure, Footprints follows in the tradition of television's great daytime dramas, spinning a
story with no end in sight...

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The Story Continues

Natalie Bishop’s teeth chatter and her fingers rattle against the steering wheel as she pulls into the driveway of the home that she shares with Jason Fisher and their kids. It is such a normal sight, such a hallmark of her everyday life, that for a moment, what she just experienced seems like it must have been some sort of dream.

But it wasn’t. She was in Spencer Ragan’s house. She saw him tumble down those stairs, his body twisting and thumping and finally falling over the edge of the staircase to land in some eerily contorted pile on the dark floor. She keeps replaying the moments before the fall in her head; she is sure that she didn’t push him, that Spencer’s fall was an accident. She was trying to stop him from going down the stairs. She knows it. 

But he still fell. And she was in the house -- the only one in the house -- when it happened. If anyone finds out...

She looks at the folded set of papers on her passenger seat. The paternity test results. Even in her panicked state, she knew that it would be ruinous for Spencer to be found with those papers in his hand. And after all that she’s been through to keep their fling a secret… She shakes her head, as if to reassure herself. She had to take those papers. 

Now there is only the question of how Spencer will be found. 

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