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Since 1997, Footprints has told the tales of
the Fisher siblings -- Tim, Molly, Sarah, and
Jason, and Ryan, the brother they never knew
they had. From romance to mystery to grand adventure, Footprints follows in the tradition of television's great daytime dramas, spinning a
story with no end in sight...

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The Story Continues

Jason Fisher finishes hanging his family’s coats in the nearby closet. “He’s always so excited to see you, Mom.”
“Not as excited as I am to see him.” Paula pulls the baby close, stroking the baby of his head. “You are so precious, little Peter.”
“And he napped a lot today, so he should have a few hours of energy in him,” Natalie Bishop says as she rifles through the diaper bag for a pacifier. “I just hope it wears off and he actually sleeps tonight.”
“We’ll be sure to wear him out,” Paula says. “He’ll have to show off how his crawling is coming.”
The doorbell rings. A year and a half ago, someone coming to a dinner party here wouldn’t even bother with the doorbell; the Fishers’ belief in “the more, the merrier” was well known, and anyone invited would have felt welcome to try the doorknob first. But since the Footprint Killer’s rampage, Paula always makes sure to lock the door, and even her children have taken to ringing the bell to announce themselves.
Paula moves to hand the baby back to Natalie, but Jason motions for her to stay put.
“I’ll get it,” he says, and when he opens the door, there is Spencer Ragan.
"Spencer! You came,” Paula says. “I didn’t think you would.”

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