Episode 833

- The Fishers gathered at the hospital as Natalie gave birth to a son. She continued to harbor the secret that Spencer, not Jason, could potentially be the child’s father. 
- After a conflict with another kitchen employee, Travis approached Matt with an idea about the restaurant.
- Tempest’s mother, Yvette, fainted, and Claire rushed her to the hospital. Claire and Tempest were stunned when Yvette announced that she is pregnant. 

The scent of fried food lingers in the elevator. Even though it must have come from the cafeteria, Tim Fisher cannot help but be tempted as he rides the elevator up through the hospital. He got the call about Natalie being in labor in the middle of a meeting at work, and he still hasn’t had lunch. When the elevator deposits him on the fifth floor, he tries to put aside thoughts of his growling stomach and works his way to the waiting area, where he sees his two sisters huddled in a pair of chairs against the wall, having what appears to be an intense conversation.

“Everything okay?” Tim asks as he approaches them.

Molly Taylor nearly jumps out of her skin at the sound of his voice. 

“No, we were just talking about— about Dad,” Sarah Fisher Gray says as she stands to greet Tim with a hug. 

Tim nods gravely, and Molly follows her sister’s lead and gives him an embrace.

“I came as quickly as I could,” he explains. “This meeting would not end. What’s the latest?"

“It’s a boy,” Molly says, a smile crossing her face and trying to push through whatever is troubling her. “Mom went in to see him, Jason, and Natalie a few minutes ago."

“I’m glad everything went well,” Tim says. “Mom must be thrilled."

“Oh, she is,” Jason Fisher says as he enters the waiting area, cell phone in hand. 

Tim swoops in and tosses an arm around his brother. “Congratulations! A son, huh?"

“Thank you. Still hasn’t totally sunken in yet."

“I’ll bet Sophie is excited to have a little brother,” Sarah says. “She loves bossing Billy around."

Jason puffs out his cheeks and then exhales loudly. “Yeah, that part should be an adventure. I actually just got off the phone with Alex — he’s bringing her over in a bit."

“She’ll adjust,” Tim says. “So will you."

The four siblings stand in a circle, taking in the enormity of the moment in silence for a few seconds.

“I really wish Dad could be here,” Molly says. “He’d be so proud of you, Jason."

Jason’s head slowly bobs in agreement. “I hope so."

Sarah brings a hand to her brother’s back and gives him a comforting rub. “He would. He is. He’s watching over all of us."

“Yeah,” Tim agrees, as a bittersweet grin appears on his face. “He is."


“You’re gonna be a big sister, girl. I’m having a baby.”

Tempest Banks stares back at her mother in shock. Yvette lies in a hospital bed, beaming over the news she has just delivered.

“How you gonna sit there and smile?” Tempest challenges her as soon as her mouth un-sticks itself enough to work. “Unless this is some kinda joke."

“It’s no joke,” Yvette says.

Tempest folds her arms. “Oh yeah? Who’s the dad, then?"

Yvette’s gaze falls to her hands. “Hank."

“Hank’s still around? You are tilted!” Tempest shouts.

Claire Fisher, who has been standing beside Tempest quietly until now, reaches out a hand and places it on Tempest’s arm. 

“Stay calm,” Claire says quietly.

Tempest pulls away from her touch. “Calm? She comes in here like she didn’t ruin my life once, and now she thinks she’s gonna ruin another kid’s, and— you know? I’m out.” With that, Tempest turns on her heels and storms out of the room.

Claire tails her into the corridor.

“Tempest. Wait,” Claire says as she jogs to match Tempest’s stride and falls into step beside her.

“I don’t wanna wait. I don’t wanna be here."

“I know. I understand that. But she’s your mother—"

“No, she’s not!” Tempest stops abruptly and turns to face Claire. “She hasn’t been my mom in a long time."

Claire nods compassionately and takes her time responding, which makes Tempest crazy, because with every millisecond that passes, her head of steam burns off a little more. 

“If she’s pregnant, that baby is your brother or sister,” Claire says. “And if Yvette treated you and your older brother the way she did—"

“Then she has no damn right to have another kid."

“Unfortunately, we don’t get to decide that."

Tempest stews for another long moment, unable to ignore the buzzing of the long fluorescent lights that strength down the ceiling. 

“She’s lying,” Tempest says. “I bet she’s lying."

“We don’t know that."

“Can’t you check her file? Find out the truth."

“I can’t."

“You work here!"

“It’s a serious violation for me to go snooping around in the files of patients I’m not assigned to,” Claire says. “What I can do is ask Yvette to let me see her file. If she’s telling the truth, she should have nothing to hide. Right?"

Tempest’s entire body feels like a coiled fist, squeezed so tight and so hard that it needs to hit something or it’ll explode. She doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do. This is much worse news than if Yvette had said she was dying of some terrible disease.

“Do that,” she tells Claire. “But I bet she’s lying. She saw my video, found out where I lived, and thought she could come here and get money. It’s her thing."

“Okay. Let me go talk to her. Then we’ll know the truth."

“The truth is that she’s only ever looked out for her damn self,” Tempest says. “And the sooner we prove she’s lying, the sooner we can get her the hell outta here."


“You should’ve told me,” Travis Fisher says as he stands with his father in the hallway just off the hospital’s waiting area. “I would’ve brought you something from the restaurant."

“That’s thoughtful of you,” Tim says. “If I’d had my head on straight, I would’ve asked. I’ll keep it in mind for next time."

“Well, let’s not wind up leaving work to rush to the hospital too often."

“Good point.” Tim claps his son on the back. “I’m going to run down to the cafeteria and grab something."

Travis offers him a fake salute. “Good luck."

“Thanks. I’ll need it."

Tim moves back to the elevator, and Travis looks inside the waiting area just in time to see his grandmother emerge through the double doors on the other side. 

“Grandma! Hey,” he says as he approaches her.

“Oh, Travis! Hi!"

“How’s the baby? It’s a boy?"

Paula glows at the mere mention of her newest grandchild. “Yes, and he’s so handsome. They just took him to the nursery so Natalie could rest. Your Uncle Jason is in with her."

“I’ll have to swing by the nursery in a little bit."

"I’m so glad you could be here. You didn’t leave work early, though, did you?"

“No, I was working breakfast and lunch today, so I came as soon as I was done."

“Good. I wouldn’t want anyone to think you’re getting special treatment."

He lets out a wry laugh. “Believe me, I’m not. But there’s actually something I wanted to talk to you about — about the restaurant."

Paula’s brow furrows with concern. “Is something the matter?"

“No. I mean… not really. It’s more of a proposal."

“Go on…"

“There’s this guy, Hansen—"

“Face like an old baseball mitt?” Paula asks with a knowing chuckle.

“Exactly. He wants Matt to take the chili off the menu. He says it’s, I don’t know, lowbrow and too tough to make."

“How can chili be too tough to make?” Paula asks with bewilderment. “You let it simmer in the pot until it’s good and ready!"

“Not to mention that I know it was one of the things Grandpa carried over from the old place. And I know it’s one of your favorites."

“It is!"

“So I had this idea,” he continues. “We’re going to have a booth at the end-of-summer festival at the winery, and all we’re planning is to hand out, like, keychains and some food samples. But I talked about an idea with Matt, and he’s into it if you are."

“Well, why does it matter what I think? Matt’s in charge of the kitchen."

“It isn’t just the kitchen. I want to do something for the festival: a chili cook-off. We promote it, get people from all over King’s Bay to participate, and we have a panel of judges pick a winner.” He smiles. “I was hoping you’d agree to be one of the judges."

“Of course! You know how much I love that restaurant — and chili. I’d be honored."

“Oh, good! I think it could be fun. And it’ll get people interested in the restaurant — and maybe prove to Hansen that he can’t get rid of the chili."

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” Paula says, looking as though she might burst with pride. “Your grandfather would be so pleased."

Travis shrugs. “You think so?"

“I know so. Come here.” She outstretches her arms. “He would be very proud, Travis. Very proud."


Claire stands beside Yvette’s bed, studying the few short pages in her brand-new medical chart. Not that there is much to see — the answer is clear. 

“How long have you known?"

Yvette rolls her head to the side on the white hospital pillow, her lips pursed as if judging Claire for doubting her. “Since right before I came here. A few weeks."

“And you didn’t say anything?"

“Who the hell was I gonna tell? Tempest wouldn’t talk to me, and I passed out right at your door!” 

Claire closes the chart. “What do you want, Yvette? Why are you here?"

Pushing herself up on her elbows, Yvette looks Claire dead in the eyes. “I’m having a baby. And I wanna make things right with my other baby. Kinda makes you think about that stuff, you know?"

With a slow nod, Claire responds, “I do. Do you have a place to stay?"

“I’m renting a room up on the north side of town. By that old train station."

“That isn’t a great area."

“It’ll do,” Yvette says. “It’ll do fine. And I’m gonna stay there for as long as it takes to get that girl of mine to talk to me again. You got that?"

“I do,” Claire says, wondering if it could really be that simple. Somehow, she doesn’t think so.


Jason is chatting with Molly when he sees Bree Halston enter the waiting area, followed by her father. Jason stands to greet them.

“You have a little brother,” he tells Bree. “Aren’t you excited?"

The blonde girl’s eyes glow. “Yeah! Can I see him? What’s his name?"

“We haven’t picked a name yet.” Jason looks up at Conrad, who wears a white polo shirt tucked neatly into his khakis. “Thanks for bringing her."

“I wouldn’t want her to miss this,” Conrad says. “Congratulations, Jason."

“Thanks.” Jason looks back to Bree. “Why don’t I take you to the nursery to meet him? Your mom is resting, but we’ll go see her afterward."

“Cool!” Bree says, and Jason leads her back through the double doors.

Molly, still in her chair, looks at Conrad. “This must be weird for you."

“Not especially. Natalie and I have been through for a long time, and we were hardly the loves of each other’s lives. If she’s happy, then…"

“You’re happy?"

“I was going to say, then she’s someone else’s problem,” Conrad says. “But that, too. I guess.” He gestures to the chair. “Do you mind?"

“Go ahead."

He slips into the chair beside her. “How are you doing?"

“I’m holding up,” she says, though the way she nervously wraps her hands together in her lap belies that statement. “I just want this to be over."

“The trial is only a few weeks away."

Molly swallows a lump that refuses to go away. “What if it doesn’t go our way?"

“It will.” Conrad gives a cautious glance around before continuing.  “This case is BS, Molly. The DA is grandstanding — trying to make a career on a high-profile conviction. It isn’t going to work. No jury is going to rule that you pulling that trigger was anything other than self-defense. Keep that in mind."

Scanning the room, she sees her mother talking with Tim. Paula appears so happy in the wake of the birth of her newest grandchild, perhaps the happiest that Molly has seen her since Bill’s passing. 

“I’ll try,” Molly says. “I guess I have no other choice."


On the other side of the waiting area, Tim breaks off a chunk of a sesame bagel.

“I told Spencer he could take off the rest of the day and come here,” he explains, “but he said he had a lot of work to get through."

“Do you think that’s true?” Paula asks.

Tim hesitates. “I think it’s mostly true. I also think he’s still skittish about interjecting himself into family things."

“That’s ridiculous! Of course he’s welcome. I’d love to have him here. We all would."

“I know. And I think he does, deep down."

She sighs. “It’s just that I worry that he’ll never let himself be at-ease with us. We’re his family — and really, we’re the only family he has now."

Tim chews the piece of bagel as he mulls that over. 

“He’ll come around,” he says. “But it’s a process. Think of where things were a year or two ago."

“I suppose that’s true. He did come by the house recently."


“He came to see Tori, and he stayed to eat with us. It was nice."

“And I’m sure it’ll only keep getting nicer as time goes on,” Tim says as he breaks off another hunk of the bagel.


Jason raps lightly on the door of Natalie’s room, which is slightly ajar. “Are you awake?” he asks softly.

“Unfortunately,” she answers in a voice that is weary but at full volume.

He opens the door and leads Bree inside. Natalie lights up when she spots her daughter.

“Hey, girly,” Natalie says. “Did you go to the nursery yet?"

“Jason just took me,” Bree says as she hurries to her mom’s bedside. Natalie awkwardly leans to the side, her stomach still in the way, to give the girl as much of a hug as she can manage. “The baby is so tiny."

“He was out cold,” Jason tells Natalie. 

“If he’s anything like you,” Natalie says to Bree, “he won’t be awake much these next few weeks. Except in the middle of the night.” 

“I can help out if you guys need,” Bree says. 

Jason pats her shoulder. “That’s not your job, kiddo.” 

Bree shifts her gaze from her mother to Jason and back again. “So what are you guys gonna name him?"

“We don’t know yet,” Natalie says. “Jason, I was thinking it’d be nice to name him after your father, but your sister already used his name…"

“Yeah, that’d be weird,” Jason admits, “but it’s a nice idea."

“What about naming him after your brother? I like the name Ryan."

Jason mulls that over for a moment. “I like that… but I worry that it would seem like a slap in the face to Tim, you know?"

“I get that. Yeah.” Natalie exhales as she thinks.

“How about your parents?” Jason asks.

“Didn’t you name me after Grandma?” Bree says.

“Yeah. Brenda, Bree… we kind of updated it,” Natalie says. “And my father’s name is Earl. No way am I giving my son that name in 2016."

Jason laughs. “And I get that."

Bree’s hand shoots into the air. “I have an idea!”

Running a hand over her daughter’s bright blonde hair, Natalie asks, “What’s that?"


“Peeta?” Jason asks dubiously.

Bree claps her hands together. “Like in The Hunger Games!"

Jason and Natalie exchange another look. 

He measures out his answer carefully. “That might be a little… dystopian for a baby."

“But he’s so cute!” Bree says. “And he’s a good guy!"

“Doesn’t he get brainwashed?” Natalie says. “But what do you think of Peter?"

“Peter, I like,” Jason says. He seats himself on the very edge of Natalie’s bed. “What do you think, Bree?"

The girl takes a moment to think about it. “I like Peter."

“Then Peter it is,” Jason says. “Peter William? I don’t think that steps on Billy’s name too much."

“I think that’s a great name,” Natalie says. “Peter William. I love it."


“Just e-mail it to me when it’s ready,” Tim says. “But make sure it’s a PDF so I can open it on my phone.” He paces outside the elevator bank as he fields a call from Vision Publishing. “Great, thanks. I’ll keep my eye out for it."

He ends the call and is tucking his phone back into the pocket of his slacks when he sees Claire coming down the hallway, dressed in jeans and a ruffled, black-and-white top.

“Getting off work?” he asks.

“No.” She shakes her head in exasperation, and Tim can immediately tell that something serious is going on. “Here on personal business."

“What is it? I’m here for Jason—"

“I know. I hear it’s a boy. Congratulations to the whole family.” 

“What’s going on with you?"

Claire checks behind herself before she launches into her explanation. “Tempest’s mother showed up at my door today. She’s been in town for a while — she went to the rink to try and see Tempest, but Tempest wouldn’t talk to her."

“Did she do something?"

“No. At least… She fainted while we were talking. And it turns out that she’s pregnant. She says she came here to make things right with Tempest before she has this new baby."

“You think that’s all?"

Claire hesitates, bringing a fingernail up to her lips as she thinks. “I don’t know. Something bad enough went down between them to make Tempest run away — and stay away—"

“You still don’t know what?” Tim asks.

“Not really. I’ve tried to get Tempest to talk, but she refuses."

“Maybe if she just gets a chance to be heard by Tempest, she’ll go away,” he says. “Is that what you think is best?"

“I think so. Or it would be, if she weren’t pregnant. I know I don’t know the woman from Adam, but there were clearly issues with her parenting before, and maybe she’s changed, but… that baby is Tempest’s brother or sister."

He sighs. “Yeah. Do you think she’s dangerous?"


“Samantha is around Tempest a lot,” he explains. “If this woman could pull something—"

“I honestly don’t have a sense. But you’re right. She could be a complete loose cannon.” She folds her arms tightly. “Oh, and she tracked Tempest down because of that damn interview Diane insisted on doing that got turned into the YouTube song. Or whatever that was."

Tim’s eyes widen in understanding. “So maybe she thought Tempest was raking in money and saw an opportunity…"


“I think we need to be smart about this,” Tim says, “and not do anything until we’re sure that it’s what would be best for the girls."

“You’re right,” Claire says. “The goal here is to keep Tempest and Samantha safe — and I’ll do whatever’s necessary to make sure that’s the case."


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Will Travis be able to pull off his big idea?
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