Episode #442

- Trevor learned that copies of his video were also sent to his agent and to Camille Lemieux. He and Alex discussed the situation and seemed to be making inroads, but they were interrupted by a phone call for Trevor.
- Claire agreed to marry Ryan in the very near future.
- Though ostracized by her society friends, Katherine found solace in her growing bond with Brian.
- Sarah announced her pregnancy to her family. Bill suspected that she had misgivings about it, but Sarah insisted that she would be fine once she was further along.


This is the first time that Trevor Brooks has ever been in Camille Lemieux's office, and if not for his overriding nervousness, he would be very impressed with it. However, with the head of Objection Designs seated across from him, all Trevor can do is focus on the stern line into which her lips are drawn.

"You have to understand how shocking this discovery was for me," she says, and her soft eyes make Trevor feel bad for her, somehow. He's the one whose job is on the line, who has been humiliated in front of the most important people in his life.

Again it hits him that Camille saw him on that video, having sex, and he has to keep himself from bolting from the room. He hopes that she turned it off as quickly as possible.

"If I'd made it on my own--not that I would be looking for that sort of thing, of course, but if I had somehow come across this information," Camille says, "that would be one thing. I understand that people make mistakes, especially when they are young and desperate for a big break."

Trevor nods along slowly. He isn't sure where this is going, but at least she is sympathetic, from the sounds of it.

"Unfortunately, I did not come across this on my own."

Nevermind. Trevor braces for the blow.

"For someone to have sent that disc directly to me means that he or she is aware of the damage that it could cause not only you, but this company," she says. "I'm afraid I cannot take that risk."

His stomach drops. Trevor has been imagining this moment for a long time, maybe since he signed with Objection. He always feared that if his past work came to light, it would result in an explosive showdown, with screaming and tears and-- certainly not soft voices and genuine regret.

He doesn't even know if he has it in himself to fight back.

"I'm so sorry, Trevor, but I've decided to terminate your contract with Objection, effective immediately."

He hangs his head and tries to find some words. Any words, really. But no matter what he comes up with, it all sounds too desperate, too trivial.

"I'm really sorry about this," he finally manages.

"So am I. And Trevor, this is not about you as an individual. This is a business decision."

The slight bit of affirmation calms his nerves for half a second, and then they go back to jumping and wailing. What if he cannot find modeling work after losing this campaign? What if Wes doesn't even want to represent him anymore?

He doesn't even know where the last-ditch effort comes from. "We can keep this quiet. Wes--he said that we could deal with this, and if we took Cliff to court--"

"I can't have Objection caught up in such a catastrophe."

Her expression tells Trevor that, no matter how sorry she might be, her decision is final. With a mumbled apology and thanks (for what, he doesn't even know), he slips out of the office.

In the hallway, he quite literally bumps into Molly Taylor, who is headed in the direction of Camille's office. Their brief moment of eye contact tells Molly all that she needs to know, and she places a comforting hand on Trevor's arm as he passes her on his way out of the building.


In the hotel's posh lounge, Katherine Fitch Moriani waits in a booth, nursing an afternoon cocktail. She never thought that a hotel could feel like home, but after the months that she has spent living here, she has settled into a comfortable routine. And anything is better than going back to that house where she spent her sham of a marriage to Nick...

Ryan Moriani arrives in a rush and apologizes as he slides into the booth. "I've been behind schedule all day," he explains. "I've been running around town like a madman."

"No need to worry about it," Katherine says. "I've been relishing the peace and quiet."

"I'm glad to hear that. You could use it."

He flags down the waitress and orders a drink of his own, and then he refocuses on Katherine.

"Thank you for meeting me," he says.

"It's my pleasure, Ryan. I hope everything is all right."

"Everything is all right. Everything is wonderful, actually. That's why I wanted to talk to you."

She waits for him to offer further information. As he seems ready to burst, it takes only a few seconds before he releases it:

"Claire and I are getting married."

"That is wonderful, Ryan! Congratulations."

She reaches across the table and places her hand over his. The intimacy of the contact surprises her; her bond with Ryan has crept up on her, and only in this moment does she realize how much she has grown to care for him--especially in light of her own son's absence from her life.

"We hope that you'll be there," he says.

"Of course. I wouldn't miss it. And you know I appreciate the advance notice."

"That's the thing..." Ryan pauses as the waitress delivers his drink, one of his standard martinis. "The wedding is next month."

"Will you be able to make arrangements so quickly?" she asks. She is already flipping through her mental Rolodex, considering who she could call to pull certain strings, if need be.

"That's why I've been running around so crazily. The Fishers offered to let us use their restaurant for the ceremony and reception--" He pauses, no doubt in response to the slight scowl that Katherine is unable to suppress. "I know it isn't the fanciest spot for a wedding, but what's most important is that Claire and I will finally be husband and wife."

"Then that's all that matters," Katherine says. "I hope you know how thrilled I am for you."

"Thank you. How have you been? Now that everything with my father is blowing over--"

"Let's not ruin such a momentous announcement by mentioning that vile man." Truthfully, the mere reference to Nick is enough to ruin Katherine's day. If possible, she would prefer to forget that he ever existed.

"Besides," she continues, "I'm doing wonderfully. I've come to appreciate a more leisurely existence, and I've... well, I've been spending time with a man. Nothing too serious, but he's very special."

"That's terrific. I'm happy to hear that." Ryan lifts his glass. "To new beginnings."

"To new beginnings," Katherine repeats as she clinks her glass against his. As they drink, she makes a silent addendum to the toast: And to keeping the past in the past.


Diane Bishop checks the time on her Blackberry and, with a defeated sigh, says, "I really do need to get back to the office."

"I have to meet with a client," Sarah Gray says, finishing up her iced tea.

Diane picks up the bill, which has been sitting on the table for much longer than their server probably prefers, but Sarah takes it from her.

"My turn," she says, and she has her credit card out before Diane can protest.

"Do you have any exciting cases going on?" Diane asks. "Being attacked by a dog actually sounds more appealing than an afternoon of meeting with lawyers."

"You do realize that not every single case I have requires a showdown with a guard dog, right?"

"It's more interesting if I ignore reality."

Their server comes by and takes the bill and Sarah's card.

"But no, nothing too exciting at the moment," Sarah says. "I wish something good would come up now, though, because you know I'm going to get a really cool offer right before I take time off for the baby."

"It'd probably be okay if you refrained from climbing trees and things like that until after you have the baby."

Sarah shrugs and lifts her glass to her mouth once more, even though all that remains is ice.

"You are doing better, aren't you?" Diane asks, though her tone suggests that she does not quite believe it.

"Better with what? I'm fine."

"With the baby. About the baby, I should say. You're looking forward to it now?"

"Of course! It's really exciting." Sarah is telling the truth: there is a lot to be excited about. Now that she is out of the first trimester, she feels more confident about her condition, and seeing Matt so revved up over her pregnancy is unbelievable.

"A new pair of shoes is exciting. Getting chased by a Rottweiler is exciting... in its own way," Diane says. "This is a kid, Sarah. I know you weren't sure about the timing--"

Suddenly Sarah feels herself growing very annoyed. "What am I supposed to do? Turn a switch and magically feel like everything's perfect? Maybe it didn't feel the perfect timing. But it happened. I got pregnant. Matt and I are in a good place, and Tori's thrilled, and everything will work out."

Diane sits back in her chair, rigid with surprise at Sarah's outburst.

"Sorry," Sarah says, softening immediately. "It's just hard. Everyone wants me to feel one way, and I do, to some extent, but... I can't force myself to feel like this is the absolute best timing for me."

"You're right," Diane concedes. "I didn't mean to be one of those pushy bionic lunatics who think there's no point to life besides being pregnant."

Sarah lets out a small laugh. "You will never be like that, don't worry."

"Good. I have a reputation to uphold."

The server returns with the check. As Sarah signs the bill, Diane starts up again, only this time, it's in her signature tone:

"Hey, at least this time your husband is actually the father."

Sarah looks at her, wide-eyed but still very amused.

"He is, isn't he?" Diane asks, narrowing her eyes.

"Yes! Of course he is!" Sarah cannot help but laugh again, this time at the absurdity of it all.

"There you go," Diane says. "Look at how screwed-up both of our pregnancies were last time. You were married to someone else, I was walking around on ledges for attention... and those turned out fine. This one's barely worth worrying about."

"You're totally right." Sarah shakes her head, marveling at how things have worked out. "You really think we've grown up?"

"Mostly. But not completely."

"Never," Sarah agrees as they rise from their seats to go their separate ways.


Trevor dashes through the front door and up the stairs, but he is little more than halfway up when he hears Lauren's voice from behind him.

"How was your meeting?" she asks, her tone suggesting that she already knows the answer.

Trevor turns around slowly, and Lauren's gaze goes immediately to the bag in his hand.

"Is that Taco Bell?" she asks suspiciously.

"That should tell you how my meeting went," Trevor says. He sits down on the stairs.

"Bad enough for fast food?"

"It shouldn't matter, since I'm never modeling for them again." He digs into the bag and pulls out one of the many, many items he bought. "Want anything?"

Lauren takes a seat beside him and takes over the digging herself.

"Are you sure it's that bad?" she asks.

"It could've been worse. Like, if Camille had spit in my face and then shot me."

Lauren puts something from the Taco Bell bag, and as soon as Trevor confirms that it is something of which he bought at least two, he gives her a go-ahead nod.

She takes her time unwrapping it and then offers, with more optimism than he can handle right now, "There are other modeling jobs out there."

"I guess," is all the response he can muster.

"Trev, seriously. You got the Objection job for a reason. It's not like there was some big public scandal. You'll find other work."

He knows that what she is saying makes logical sense, but right now, it doesn't feel like the truth.

"You know what's nuts?" Trevor says. "I got into this whole thing with Cliff because I thought it would help me break into the business. Then I did that anyway, and that came back to bite me in the ass, and now it might be the thing that ruins my career. It's ironic, don't you think?"

"Listen, Alanis. Your career is not ruined! Besides, you've got me, and Mom and Dad, and Alex. This is not the end of the world."

Trevor forces a smile, but right now, that is exactly what this feels like: the end of the world. So he lets Lauren rest her head on his shoulder, and they sit there on the stairs, eating in silence, not forcing themselves to make sunny predictions that they cannot guarantee.


When Molly enters Camille's office, she finds her boss and mentor staring at a crystal paperweight. Camille does not even look up; she maintains her focus on the paperweight, though Molly suspects that she is looking right through it and is off in a different world entirely.

"You're through with Trevor Brooks?" Molly asks. She realizes that it is not the most graceful way to get on the subject, but she wants to know what exactly happened.

Nodding slowly, Camille pries her attention from the paperweight.

"I had no choice but to terminate his contract," she says.

Molly can sense Camille's regret over the decision and suspects that she might be less than fully committed to it.

"It's been a very successful campaign," Molly says, "and that's due in no small part to Trevor's appeal as a model."

"I know."

The confirmation gives Molly little to work with, so she pushes a step further:

"He's practically become the face of Objection."

Camille's eyes light up. "Which is why I had to do this!"

The sudden force takes Molly by surprise, and she falls quiet.

Undaunted, Camille continues: "We cannot risk being caught up in whatever scandals his personal life might breed!"

"I'm sure we could keep it quiet if we worked at it," Molly counters. "All this person wants seems to be money, and if he's assured--"

"I am not caving to blackmail demands, and I am not allocating company resources toward a mistake that one of our models made." Camille's tone is firm, final, and it makes Molly feel like a fool for even daring to change her mind.

Apparently Camille recognizes how harsh she sounds, because she adds in a softer tone, "Trevor has been a pleasure to work with, and I wish there were some other way. But there isn't."

Now it is Molly's turn to nod.

"You know how pleased I've been with your work, Molly," Camille says, "but if you plan to grow in this industry, you're going to have to learn to separate your emotions from purely business matters."

"I understand." Molly sighs. "It's such a shame. I was so shocked that someone like Trevor would've--"

"He isn't the first, and he isn't the last," Camille says ruefully.

"People will do stupid things to be a part of this industry, I guess."

"Exactly, and that is why we cannot afford to create problems for ourselves. Particularly after the past two years. All because of that fool Nick Moriani."

"At least he didn't cause any permanent damage," Molly says. She wishes she could say the same about Nick's affect on her family--especially Tim.

"But he did, Molly. Those investors will remember that I had to wrangle them to keep them on-board. The plans for the Seattle shop almost fell apart because of Nick using our store as a front for drug trafficking. Those things will stay in people's minds for a long, long time."

Camille's stare has returned to the crystal paperweight. She stares at it intently, as if hypnotized.

"But we managed to control that, and we will control this just the same," Camille says. "Accepting Nick's money to begin this company was a sentimental decision--a mistake. I won't allow emotions to influence my business decisions ever again."

Molly nods some more, but right now, the intensity of Camille's stare has her worried.

"Not now that Nick is finally out of the picture," Camille adds.

Molly doesn't know how to respond, so she hurriedly excuses herself from the office. Everything about the encounter keeps playing itself on a loop in her mind, and as much as she would like to ignore the thought, it persists: How happy is Camille that Nick Moriani is dead?


Should Molly mention her suspicions to Brent?
Can Ryan and Katherine have the fresh starts that they want?
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