Episode #390

Previously ...
- Lauren invited Jason to join her for a business trip to Seattle, but he had to decline because of Sarah and Matt's wedding. Lauren realized that she would have to travel alone with Josh.
- Camille worried about what the drug scandal would mean for Objection's future.
- Sarah insisted that Diane--not Molly--would be her maid of honor at the wedding.


Sarah Fisher's reflection stands before her in the mirror that has been placed in the staff room of her father's restaurant. It feels strange to be here, in this place that is so familiar and casual, in the breezy, off-white dress and swept-up hair. But she knows that, down on the beach, are her family and friends--and Matt--all ready to share in the most special day of her life.

"I'd say you're good to go," Diane Bishop proclaims, stepping back to examine Sarah from one final angle.

"You look beautiful, dear," Paula Fisher says. Sarah turns and meets her mother's warm smile with one of her own. She is grateful that, after their confrontation over Sarah's choice of maid of honor, Paula backed off and allowed Sarah to do things her way. It is more than enough that Molly gets to be a bridesmaid, and really, it is nobody's business but Sarah's.

"Do you think we should head down yet?" Sarah asks. "Is everyone else ready?"

Diane picks a piece of lint from her simple black dress and stops in front of the mirror to give herself a once-over. "I saw Claire and Mia a few minutes ago, so I know that they are. As for your sister--"

"I'm ready," announces the voice from the doorway. Three heads turn to see a very pregnant Molly in her own black dress.

"Perfect," Paula says, clapping her hands together. "I should go check on the men, then."

"That's a good idea," Molly says. "I was actually hoping to have a minute to talk to Sarah alone."

Diane finishes checking her hair in the mirror. "I'll go with you, Paula." She steps in front of Sarah and sets her hands on the bride's shoulders. "You so deserve this, kiddo. I couldn't be happier for you."

"Thanks," Sarah says through a broad smile and the sudden threat of tears. "Who knows, there could be a bouquet in store for you later on."

"You know I don't need that crap." They share a laugh, and Diane gives Sarah's shoulders a final squeeze. "I'll see you down there."

Diane leaves with Paula, and Sarah is left standing face-to-face with her sister.

"What's up?" Sarah asks, doing her best to be casual. It isn't a very successful effort.

Molly appears equally tense, but she clears her throat and folds her hands together. "There's something that I think we should do before this wedding takes place."


Outside the restaurant, Jake Gray gives his brother's tie one last adjustment.

"Lookin' sharp," Jake says. "Not bad, little brother."

"Every once in a while, I manage to clean up okay," Matt says. He stretches out his arms one at a time to examine them in the black suit jacket.

"Yeah, I don't think Sarah will be too embarrassed to have to take all those pictures with you." Jake turns his grinning, cleanly shaven face toward the skyline. "Good thing the weather cleared up, huh? Had me kinda worried this morning."

Matt just shrugs. "It would've worked out okay. I don't think anything could ruin this day."

Jake draws a deep breath and releases it slowly, methodically. "Glad I could be here for this, Matt. It means a lot to see you so damn happy."

"Means a lot to have you here. Makes it feel ... complete, I guess."

The brothers go quiet and appreciate the silence. There is nothing else that they need to say--finally, after so many years.

"There you are!" Diane's voice calls out. She and Paula pick up their pace as they join the men. "Where are the rest of your groomsmen?"

"At the beach and ready to go," Jake answers.

"All right, then, let's get this show on the road," Diane says. "I think Sarah's liable to combust if she doesn't get to do some marrying pretty soon."

Matt grins. "I know the feeling."

"Don't make me puke." Diane ushers them down toward the beach where the ceremony has been set up. "I'll call Sarah to tell her and Molly to come down in a few."

The foursome makes its way toward the wedding site, consumed with excited chatter ... so consumed, in fact, that not one of them notices Jennie Burkle standing by the side of the restaurant, observing them intently.


Down on the beach, Jason Fisher is grateful for the almost imperceptible layer of clouds acting as a protective shield between the sun and himself. He cannot quite figure out why it was deemed a good idea to dress up in black suits and dresses and then stand on the beach, but he is not about to tarnish Sarah's big day by grumbling about it. So he waits around, checking his watch every few minutes in the hope that it might make the ceremony begin just a little sooner.

When he sees Courtney Chase approaching with her parents, Jason is thankful for a new distraction. He has worn out all potential avenues of conversation with Tim and his father by now.

"Hey," he says when Courtney, Helen, and Don are close enough to hear. "How are you guys?"

"Fine, thanks," Don says.

"It was so sweet of Sarah to invite us," Helen says.

Courtney makes a face. "She doesn't get out much. This is very exciting."

Jason laughs. "Sarah will be glad you could all make it."

Surveying the small crowd, Helen asks, "Where should we sit?"

"Wherever you want," Jason says with a shrug. "Seating is the one aspect of this that Sarah hasn't gone insane over."

"How about over there?" Helen asks Don. Her husband assents.

"I'll be over in a minute," Courtney tells them. Her parents move to the seats, and she asks Jason, "Where's Lauren?"

"In Seattle for business. Objection wanted some of the ad people there to talk about the new store, I guess."

"Did Josh go, too?"

There is something about her tone that gives Jason pause. "Yeah ..."

Courtney seems to linger over the thought for a lengthy moment but finally shrugs it away. "Too bad she couldn't be here."

"Yeah, she was disappointed." He looks at his watch again. "I wish this thing would start already."

"Are you already sick of the suit?" Courtney guesses with a knowing smile.

"Yes! Ugh. As soon as we get to the reception, the jacket and tie are done for."

She laughs. "I know you way too well, Jason Fisher."


On an upper level of a Seattle hotel, Lauren Brooks is one of the many bodies around a crowded conference table. She is happy to have Josh Taylor beside her and Camille Lemieux's face across the table, to provide some familiarity amidst the multitude of unfamiliar persons.

"I assure you," Camille is in the midst of telling a silver-haired man wearing a stern grimace, "that this incident in no way reflects Objection's approach to doing business. It could just as easily have been any retail location caught in the middle of such a disturbing situation."

Lauren glances to her right and exchanges conspiratorial looks with Josh. Neither of them has any intention of highlighting Josh's close connection to the recent drug bust, which has been a primary topic of conversation during the meeting thus far. Camille has done an admirable job of fielding both legitimate inquiries and obnoxious prying, but Lauren can tell that she is growing weary of the subject.

"As far as your projected opening date," a middle-aged woman with short, red hair and wire-rimmed glasses says, "don't you feel that spring is a bit ambitious, particularly considering recent events?"

Camille lets out a barely detectable sigh. From their preliminary meetings, Lauren knows how set she is on opening a second shop in Seattle, in a prestigious new shopping district.

Lauren comes to her rescue, though the words catch in her throat at first. "Actually," she says, "a spring opening would allow us the chance to premiere the summer line in Seattle." She pauses but is encouraged by Camille's look of pleasant surprise. "Holding the show here would not only draw attention to the new store, but to the entire district. There's even the potential to work with some of the other--"

"Cecile makes a good point," cuts in the confident, measured voice of Julian St. John. "It would be a significant push to prepare for a spring opening, and with all due respect, Ms. Brooks, you really are in no position to speak for our company."

Lauren tries to keep her mouth from gaping open as Julian's words rip into her. To be shot down by an Objection executive in such a busy meeting makes her feel like a fool, and she drops her eyes to the table.

To her surprise, Josh's voice is the next one that she hears: "With all due respect, Julian, Lauren's idea holds a lot of merit from a publicity standpoint. A big show could be just the thing to launch the new store, and in light of the current situation, it would give the clothes a chance to speak for themselves."

"Yes," Camille pipes in, a new brightness to her voice. "I quite like the idea!"

Julian's gaze shifts from Josh to Camille to Lauren, and finally to the property owners, who seem enthused. He tries to mask his annoyed disbelief, but only barely.

In an instant, the room is swept up in talk of the launch, drowning Julian's cynicism. Lauren's eyes flash to Josh and find him looking right at her; she smiles appreciatively, and Josh's dimples crease as if to say, "No big deal."


Molly's countenance is so serious that it catches Sarah off-guard. She has grown accustomed to being civil with her sister, but it is usually very surface. She cannot recall the last time that the two of them were alone together, especially with such a serious vibe in the air.

"Look, Molly, this isn't really a good time."

"It'll only take a minute," Molly says. "Let me talk."

With a quiet sigh, Sarah plants herself in front of the mirror. She can see Molly's reflection behind her.

"I want you to know that I wish you the best," Molly says. "I understand why you didn't ask me to be your matron of honor, but for the record, I would have been proud to do it."

Sarah studies her nails. "Thanks. Great."

"No, I mean it. And I need to ... I want to say that I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"How bad things got between us. Regardless of what was going on between you and Brent, my presence only put more pressure on the situation. I should have given both of you more space at times."

Sarah lifts her eyes, slowly, and makes eye contact with her sister in the mirror.

"I wanted to apologize for that, however overdue it might be," Molly says, "and let you know how happy I am for you that you found Matt and have such a terrific life ahead of you."

Maybe it is the heightened emotion of the day, but Sarah cannot help thinking that her sister sounds completely genuine. After a moment's hesitation, she turns around to face Molly.

"Thank you," Sarah says softly.

Molly smiles and allows a moment for the emotion to settle. "Are you ready to get down to the beach?"

"Yeah ... Why don't you go ahead? I'll be along in a second." She waits until Molly has gone to return her focus to her own reflection. Taking in the whole picture--the dress, the makeup, the hair, and the joy that seems to radiating from her being--she marvels at how life led her to this point. When she married Brent, all she wanted was to feel secure, to be the focus of his attention and his love. It seemed as if the harder she fought for that, the more distant a possibility it became. And then, out of nowhere, she found it with Matt.

You're really doing it, she thinks, breathing in deeply to savor the moment. But the sound of someone coming back in through the kitchen breaks her train of thought.

"I'm coming!" she calls out before Molly has a chance to holler for her to hurry up. A moment later, she hears a thunderous crash from the kitchen.

"Everything okay in there?" Sarah yells. No answer. She hurries toward the kitchen, unable to suppress one particular thought: If she manages to hurt herself and interrupts my wedding day, that whole apology goes right out the window.

"Molly? Are you okay? What's going on?"

In the kitchen, she finds a mess of pots and pans knocked onto the floor but no sign of her sister. She is about to call out again when she sees that the door to the walk-in freezer is wide open.

Her instincts tell her not to say another word. Instead she steps as lightly and as quietly as she can--not an easy task, in heels--to peek inside the open freezer.

No one. But an entire shelf's worth of items have been knocked onto the floor.

She steps closer, and as soon as she is fully inside, she hears the icy, hollow slam of the door closing suddenly behind her.


Will Sarah get out in time for the wedding?
How did she wind up in the freezer?
What does Seattle have in store for Lauren and Josh?
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