Episode #04

A Few Days After #03


in the hospital:

Paula and Bill are standing outside Tim’s hospital room. Enter Molly.

Molly: Mom, Dad, how’s he doing?

Bill: Not much better. He’s still unconscious.

Molly: This is so weird. Do they have any idea who would do a thing like this?

Paula: Unfortunately, the police think it was a random shooting. It’s terrible to think that we live in a world where you’re never really safe.

Molly: Tell me about it. By the way, is Claire here?

Paula: She just headed home a couple of minutes ago, but she said she’ll be back tonight.

Bill: Did you need to talk to her?

Molly: Uh, not about anything in particular. I just wanted to try to cheer her up a little. Heck, maybe it’ll even take my mind off of my problems.

Paula: Oh, Molly, nothing has happened in the last few days. Perhaps this crazy person has decided to call it quits.

Molly: Let’s hope so. Regardless, I am feeling a lot better about myself and this predicament lately.

Bill: You should – especially with a great friend like Craig by your side.

Molly: You’re right. Speaking of which, he invited me to have dinner with him tonight.

Paula: Oh, honey, that’s wonderful!

Molly: I know. Well, I’ve gotta go – I’m gonna go pay Claire a visit.

Bill: See you later! Have a nice evening with Craig!

Molly: I will. Bye!

Exit Molly.

Paula: It’s so nice that Molly’s starting to get herself back on track. And she started her new job yesterday. Maybe this crazy stalker business is over. But now … Tim being shot and all. Why are all our lives getting so out of control?

in another hospital room:

Courtney is lying in her hospital bed. Jason is sitting on the side of it.

Jason: Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better.

Courtney: So am I. Believe me. The doctor says I can go home tomorrow.

Jason: Really?

Courtney: Yep. I mean, it’s been about a week since I broke my leg, and my mom will be there to take care of me, so everything should be fine. Now if only I could get this to heal …

Jason: It will. Time heals all wounds, remember. Especially broken legs.

Courtney cracks a smile. Out on her smile.


in Tim’s hospital room:

Bill and Paula are standing by as the doctor examines an unconscious Tim.

Bill: Paula, I hope Tim comes out of this coma soon.

Paula: I’d want nothing more, Bill, believe me.

The doctor looks up at Bill and Paula.

Dr. Smith: Well, there is some good news and some bad news that I have for you.

Paula: What is it, Dr. Smith?

Dr. Smith: The good news is that there is no serious damage that Tim can’t recover from. None of his major organs were affected by the bullet, and I’m sure his physical recovery will be swift once he wakes up.

Bill: Then what’s the bad news?

Dr. Smith: The bad news … hmm … the bad news is that Tim—

Paula: Yes?

Dr. Smith: Tim may not awaken from this coma at all, and if he does he may have serious brain damage … or amnesia.

at Claire’s apartment:

Claire is working on the computer when Molly walks in.

Molly: Hey, Claire.

Claire: Hi.

Molly: You’re so worried about this Tim situation, aren’t you? Look, he’s my brother, and I’m taking this just as hard as you.

Claire: I realize that. Molly, my problems run a lot deeper than you think.

Molly: What do you mean? Are you and Tim having trouble? Is it the baby?

Claire: No, no. Everything between Tim and I – well, besides this mess – is fine. It’s a family problem.

Molly: What are you talking about? Claire, what’s wrong?


in Courtney’s hospital room:

Courtney: Once I’m up and moving around again, which I hope will be soon, then I’ll feel a lot better.

Jason: I know you will. Look, I’ve gotta get going – I have to be at the rink in half an hour.

Courtney: Oh, okay. (long beat) Is Sandy gonna have you skate with this new partner today?

Jason: Uh, I think so.

Courtney: Who is she?

Jason: Courtney, it really doesn’t matter. It’s not—

Courtney: No, just tell me: who is she? No big deal. I just wanna know.

Jason: It’s not important. (long beat) Shannon Parish.

Courtney: Really? Hmm. She’s really nice, though, and she is pretty good. I’m sure you’ll do fine.

Jason: I hope so.

Jason stands up and moves to the door.

Jason: I’m gonna go now, but I’ll be back to visit you tomorrow.

Courtney: Look, Jason … don’t come visit me anymore.

in Tim’s hospital room:

Paula: But he was shot in the neck. You said it was repairable damage.

Dr. Smith: Yes, well, it is. (beat) But Tim’s brain may have been denied too much oxygen after the shot. He may end up with brain damage … or amnesia.

Bill: Wow. I – I don’t know what to say. One minute he’s fine, planning a new career and a life with his wife, waiting for his baby to be born, and all of a sudden he can barely live.

Dr. Smith: You’ll have to think about what you’ll do if he has brain damage … or amnesia.

Paula: Will you stop saying that?!? (beat) Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. It’s just … I don’t wanna lose my baby.

in Tim and Claire’s apartment:

Molly: Claire, what is going on? Why are you acting so … different lately?

Claire: There are just some things that have been bothering me. And, you know, I don’t feel so great these days.

Molly: Is that all? Are you sure?

Claire: Yes, I am. Plus this Tim situation has me so worried …

Claire begins to cry. Molly moves over to comfort her.

Molly: It’s okay, Claire. It’s okay. Tim is gonna be fine. He just needs time.

Claire (thinking): Molly, if you only knew the beginning of my problems…


in Courtney’s hospital room:

Jason is halfway out the door, but turns around and walks back to the bed.

Jason: What do you mean, I shouldn’t visit you anymore? Of course I will!

Courtney: I know you probably just feel guilty about the accident. You probably have millions of things to do besides coming to visit me.

Jason: Courtney, what are you talking about? You’re my best friend. I’ve known you since we were little kids. By no means would I stop visiting you. You know that.

Courtney: It’s not just out of guilt?

Jason: Of course not. Now why don’t you try to rest. I’m gonna go visit Tim – or at least see how he’s doing – and then I’m headed to the rink.

Courtney: Okay, see you tomorrow. Bye.

Jason: Bye.

Exit Jason.

Courtney (sotto voce): Jason, I can’t lose you to Shannon. I can’t.

at Tim and Claire’s apartment:

Molly: Claire? (beat) Claire?!?

Claire: Oh yeah … okay, though, I’m fine. Really.

Molly: You sure?

Claire: Positive.

Claire stands and walks over to look out of the window.

Molly: What’cha looking at?

Claire: Everybody walking out on the streets. All the cars going by. Is it just me, or are all our lives really messed up right now?

Molly: It’s not just you. (beat) Tim getting shot, me getting stalked … at least Sarah’s doing well. She’s gone out with Brent almost every night this week.

Claire: Oh, come on. Your mom told me about you and this guy Craig.

Molly: I’ve told her before and I’ll say it again: Right now Craig and I are just friends. I need him for support, not romance, right now. But who knows …

Claire: Yeah, this has to be a pretty tough time for you. It’s nice to have someone outside the family who’s there for you.

Molly: Tell me about it. He’s so sweet, so kind.

Claire: Sounds like you’re falling for him, Molly. (long beat) But how’d you meet, anyway?

Molly: He works at the same company as me. Actually, he applied for the job that I got, and we were the two final candidates. But of course I won!

Claire: Of course. You know, it really means a lot to me that you and Sarah have tried to become like sisters to me since Tim and I got married.

Molly: It wasn’t difficult. You fit in so well with the rest of the family.

Claire: It’s amazing, isn’t it? You feel so at home with someone else’s family, but with your own family, it’s pure hell.

Molly: It really makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


in Tim’s hospital room:

Bill: Paula, I know how you feel. To look at him laying there, so helpless … It’s just like when he was a little boy, except now there’s nothing we can do to fix it.

Paula hugs Bill tightly.

Paula: Bill, what is going on? Why did this have to happen to Tim? I mean, who could have done it?

Bill: I don’t know. Sarah and Brent are working on it, but these things take time.

Paula: It’s been a couple of days already!

Bill: Don’t worry, Paula. Doctor, could we be alone?

Dr. Smith: Sure. No problem.

Exit Dr. Smith.

Paula: Who could have wanted to shoot Tim? And why?

Bill: I don’t know. You don’t know. The cops can’t seem to figure it out. Claire doesn’t know. No one does.

Paula: Oh, Bill …

at the ice rink:

Jason is waiting near the ice when Sandy and Shannon walk over.

Sandy: Jason! How are you?

Jason: Fine. How about yourself?

Sandy: Not bad. Not bad at all. (long beat) There’s someone I’d like you to meet. Jason, this is Shannon.

Jason: Hi.

Shannon: Hi.

Sandy: Why don’t we go out there and just try some basic maneuvers to start with, and we’ll try to build up to some of the trickier stuff in a few days.

Shannon: Okay.

They begin to step onto the ice.


at Tim and Claire’s apartment:

Molly: I know exactly what you mean.

Claire: Yeah, but you’re lucky. Your family is this ideal, All-American family. No problems with the law, both of the parents together, four happy kids—

Molly: We’re far from perfect, I’ll tell you. Just look at what’s happened to our family lately. You call that ideal?

Claire: Okay, I see your point. But you know what I mean. I had such a lonely childhood. My parents split up, my dad was always at work and stuff, and my mom got so busy with her new family …

Molly: But look on the bright side. They do love you. It’s not like they’re gonna forget about you. And now you have this baby on the way. Once Tim recovers, you two can start a family of your own.

Claire: That is definitely the light at the end of the tunnel for me. It’s this dream I’ve had for so long, to have a healthy, stable family, and it looks like it’s gonna come true. (beat) Now only if Tim would wake up …

The telephone rings. Claire gets up and goes across the room to pick it up. One-way conversation.

Claire: Hi, Paula. What—(beat) What do you mean? (long beat) I’ll be right there. (beat) Okay, thanks. Bye.

Claire hangs up the phone.

Molly: What is it? What’s going on?

Claire: Tim is having a terrible attack. We’ve gotta get to the hospital.

Hold on Molly’s shock.

just outside Tim’s hospital room:

Bill and Paula are standing outside the door as doctors move around and shout inside the room, trying to subdue Tim’s attack.

Paula: Oh, Bill, what if …?

Bill: Don’t even begin to say that. Tim will be fine. These are very competent doctors. They can save him. And when he wakes up—

Paula: But Bill, we can’t be sure that he will wake up. (beat) I’m so scared.

Paula wraps her arms around Bill.

Bill: I am, too, honey. I am too.

Out on Paula’s tears.


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