Episode #01


the kitchen of the Fisher home:

Paula and Molly are sitting at the kitchen table, drinks in hand

Paula: Well, honey, I think it’s great that you’re finally getting into a career field you enjoy. You were always very interested in fashion as a little girl. I remember, you’d make Sarah and Jason play dress-up with you, and they had to be perfectly coordinated. You were an interesting set of kids, to say the least …

Molly: Tell me about it! We did some pretty weird things. Anyway … getting back to the topic of my job, I still can’t believe that I landed it! I mean, designing clothes for one of the top retailers in the country. It still hasn’t sunken in yet.

Paula: I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I look back on my life and, just for a few moments, I wish I’d have taken a career and lived on my own. But I’ll never regret marrying your dad and staying home to raise the four of you.

Molly: Speaking of "the four of us," do you know where Tim and Claire are? I’ve been trying to call them the whole weekend, but they don’t seem to be at home.

Molly walks over to the window

Paula: They’re in Chicago, looking at houses.

Molly turns back in surprise

Molly: Why? … You don’t mean? … They’re moving?

Paula: Tim said that he was offered a job with a large publishing corporation in Chicago and he was seriously considering taking the offer. They wanted to fly there and just check out the area first. They’re coming in late tonight, though.

Molly: Why would they want to raise the baby in Chicago? King’s Bay is such a great town for kids to grow up in.

Paula: I know. Anyway, they said they’ll wait until the baby is born before they do anything major.

Molly: Well, Mom, that only gives us two months to talk them out of it …

an airplane:

Tim: Claire, you really don’t look too happy about this move.

Claire: No, I’m fine … it’s just that, well, I’ll miss everyone in King’s Bay.

Tim: Your father?

Claire: Not that much. We’ve grown so far apart lately that it almost doesn’t matter. And he has this obsession with controlling me. He thinks he’s making me happy, but he’s doing more harm than good.

Tim: Then who are you gonna miss? Your mother, rest her soul, isn’t here anymore.

Claire: More than anything, your family. Your mom has become almost like another mother to me. She’s really helped with this pregnancy.

Tim: That’s it, isn’t it? You don’t think Chicago is going to be good enough to raise our son in?

Claire: Well …

Tim: I’m sure you’ll get used to the idea of leaving King’s Bay and living in Chicago.

Claire stares out the window

Claire (thinking): I wouldn’t be so sure of it.

at the police station, in an office:

Sarah walks into Brent’s office

Brent: Good morning, Sarah

Sarah: Good morning, Brent – I mean, Commander..

Brent: Just because we work together now doesn’t mean that you have to address me so formally, Sarah. Just lighten up. You’re doing a great job on the force already.

Sarah: Thank you—

Brent: But there’s something I need to talk to you about.

Brent walks around to other side of desk

Sarah: What would that be? Is it some kind of assignment? I’m sure I can—

Brent: Actually, I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner with me tonight.


in the Fisher kitchen:

Bill walks in through front door

Bill: Hey, is anybody here?

Paula: We’re in the kitchen, Bill!

Bill walks into kitchen

Bill: Hi, honey. Molly! What’re you doing here?

Molly: Guess what?

Bill: What?

Molly: C’mon, Dad, try to guess.

Bill: I give up.

Molly: Oh, you’re no fun. Here is it: I got a job at Charlene Powers!

Bill: Interesting.

Molly: It’s one of the biggest fashion agencies in the entire country!

Bill: No! I’m so proud of you!

Paula rises from her chair and stands next to Bill

Paula: She starts this week.

Bill: That’s great! That’s so … wonderful!

Molly: Yep.

at the airport:

Tim and Claire are walking down a nearly-empty corridor

Tim: Claire, I know you’re not happy about this move. But I think that if we’re going to start a family in the next few months we should try to break free a little and not live our lives for our parents. Do you know what I mean?

Claire: I know exactly what you’re saying, but I honestly can’t say I like it.

Claire stops in her tracks and hides against the wall

Tim: Are you upset because of your job? I’m sure there are plenty of positions available as a nurse in that area.

Claire: I don’t care about that. It’s something else.

Tim: Obviously. But what? Tell me what’s wrong.

at the ice skating rink:

Sandy: Okay, let’s just see that lift one more time.

Jason: What am I doing wrong?

Sandy: I’m not sure; just do it again and let me look at it.

Jason and Courtney begin to skate out-of-frame

Courtney: Okay – here it goes.

Slow-motion sets in as frame shifts to Jason & Courtney; Courtney is falling onto the ground

Normal motion resumes as Jason stands up

Jason: Oh my God! Are you okay?

Sandy rushes over, frantically

Sandy: How—what—why? Courtney, can you hear me?

Courtney: Yeah, I think I’m fine. What happened, Jason?

Jason: I’m not too sure. Sandy, go call the paramedics!

Sandy runs out-of-frame, then runs back in

Courtney: Jason, help me up!

Courtney tries to stand and falls back down again

Courtney: Why can’t I stand up? My leg!


at the skating rink:

Courtney: Jason, it’s my leg!

Jason: What? What’s wrong?

Courtney: I think my leg is broken or something!!

Sandy: No! I can’t believe this is happening! Don’t worry, we’ll get you to a hospital.

outside the Fisherman's Pier:

Sarah: Well, Brent, thanks for a great evening.

Brent: Does it have to be over yet?

Sarah: Not quite … walk me to my car.

They start to walk out into the parking lot

Brent: Why wasn’t your dad here tonight? He owns the place, doesn’t he?

Sarah: He usually leaves between five and six. He leaves the rest of the staff to fend for themselves.

Sarah opens her car door and gets inside

Brent: I see. Well, will I be seeing you at the station tomorrow?

Sarah: Of course.

Brent: Well, good, because you really have very little choice.

Sarah: I love my job! Believe me, I wouldn’t miss a day of it. I could spend my whole life there!

She closes the door, rolls down the window, and starts the engine

Brent: You wouldn’t wanna do that. Then when would I be able to take you out to dinner?

at the Fisher home:

Tim and Claire walk through front door

Tim: Mom, Dad! Hi – we’re back!

Bill, Paula, and Molly enter living room

Paula: Oh Tim, Claire, you’re early. What a pleasant surprise!

Claire: We were able to catch an earlier flight.

Paula: Why Claire, is anything wrong?

Claire: Not really. Just a little jetlagged is all.

Tim: We saw some really gorgeous neighborhoods for young couples with little kids. Great places.

Bill: Do you really think you’re going to accept that job offer?

Tim: I think so. Right, Claire?

Claire: Guess so.

Bill: You’re going to leave King’s Bay? Why?

Tim: Nothing in particular, but we feel it’s time to start our own life now.

Paula: Oh, but Tim … I guess there’s no use in arguing with you right now. Come into the kitchen, everyone!

All go into kitchen except Molly

Molly: Tim, hang on.

Tim: Yeah? What’s up?

They step over near the piano

Molly: Nothing much. Um, what’s going on here? Why are you so eager to take this job offer?

Tim: Well …

Molly: Come on, Tim. What is going on?


at the hospital, in the waiting room:

Jason is sitting, uncomfortably reading; Sandy enters room

Jason: Sandy, Sandy! Is she alright? What’s wrong?

Sandy: It’s not exactly a life-threatening injury, Jason. But there is something …

Jason: What? What’s happened to her? This is all my fault! Dammit!

Sandy: It’s not your fault. These things happen. But … Courtney broke her leg in four places. It’s really a nasty injury, and …

Jason: What?

Sandy: I’m afraid that— The doctors think— She’s going to have to quit skating for a couple of months, and it might be over a year before she’s back to the level she’s been at.

Jason: You mean—?

Sandy: There’s no way she’ll be able to compete this year.

Jason: This was supposed to be our big year! We were gonna go big! I could feel it … God, this is all my fault! Dammit! I am so stupid!

Sandy: Either you bow out of the competition season or we find you a new partner quick.

Jason: A new partner? Would you be able to do that?

Sandy: There are a couple of girls that might work. It would be a huge push, though.

Jason: Let’s go for it.

in the Fisher kitchen:

Bill, Paula, and Claire are in the kitchen talking when Sarah comes in through the back door

Paula: And what brings you here, sweetie?

Sarah: Nothing much.

Paula: Oh, come on - I can tell from the expression on your face. Why are you so happy?

Sarah: Nothing, really. I just had the most wonderful evening. We had dinner at the Pier—

Claire: We? Oooohhh …. Who he is?

Sarah: My commander, Brent. And what’s more, I’ve been taken off probation and instituted as a full-time officer!

Bill: That’s terrific! Everyone has great news tonight – Molly got a job at … some big fashion place.

Paula: The Charlene Powers agency!

Sarah: Oh my God! That’s so cool! Where is she?

in the living room:

Tim stares at Molly and then turns away

Molly: Tim, you can tell your little sister. What is going on?

Tim: Seriously, it’s not anything. I – we – just want to start our own lives once our baby comes. You know?

Molly: I guess so, but I don’t like it. I can’t believe you’re gonna move.

Tim: Well, I’m – we’re – not certain yet. Come on: Let’s go back in the kitchen.

They go into the kitchen

Sarah: Molly, I heard about the job! That’s terrific!

Molly: Thanks! What’re you doing here?

Claire: She just came from a date …

Molly: Oooh … I want details later. Where’s Jason?

Paula: You know, I was just wondering that. He was supposed to be home from the rink two hours ago.

Front door slams out-of-frame

Bill: Jason? Is that you?

Jason: Yeah.

Bill: Why do you sound so glum? What’s wrong?

Everyone shuffles into the living room, near the open front door

Jason: Let’s just say Courtney was forced into an early retirement tonight.

Molly: What? What happened to her?

Jason: I did. I dropped her. I, I don’t know really what happened. But she ending up falling and breaking her leg in a couple of places. Sandy said that she’ll be out for maybe a year.

Paula: Oh my! But what about you? Will you have to withdraw from competition this year?

Jason: I hope not. If I wait till next year, I’ll be twenty, and most of the judges think that’s too old to be a serious competitor. I’ll be bumped off the circuit. But Sandy says that I’ll probably be paired up with someone else, at least to just get me out in front of everyone this year.

Bill: What a messy situation.

Jason: Tell me about it. Now if you all don’t mind, I’m going up to bed.

Jason goes up the stairs

Paula: Goodnight, honey.

Tim: C’mon, Claire, we should be getting home. It’s pretty late and you must be exhausted.

Claire: I am. Goodnight, everyone.

Bill: Goodnight, guys.

Tim and Claire exit through front door

Molly: I’m going too. I’ve had a long day.

Sarah: Me too. See you all later.

Molly and Sarah walk out front door

Paula: Bye, girls!

Molly & Sarah: Goodnight, Mom!

Bill: It seems like all our lives are being turned upside-down lately.

Paula: I know, dear … I know.


outside Molly’s apartment:

Molly comes up the stairs and fumbles in the dark for the doorknob. She kicks something.

Molly: Aaaaaagggghhhhh!!!!

She looks down at her feet

Molly: Calm down … it’s probably just some junk that got delivered today.

She bends to pick it up and camera zooms in on a dead bird nailed to the floor, next to 12 black roses

Molly: Aaaaaggggghhhhhh!!!!

Out on Molly’s frightened face


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